"Doctor! The patient's becoming concious again!"

The spiky haired Asian man whipped his head around at the nurse's call. Yoshi Asakura's appearence deceived many, his youthful face a cover up for a vast knowledge of medical and technical know how. It's no wonder his intelligence and attractiveness had won him the heart of a woman named Jennifer Bisping. So the sudden conciousness of her father would be good news to tell her, and a good reason to say why he had not met up with her that night."Johnathan Bisping is concious?" he said in surprise.

"Against all odds too Doctor." The two quickly approached the heart rate monitor. When Mr.Bisping had first been hospitalized, his heart rate was slow and almost lifeless. Many were sure he would die or drift into a coma. However by some miracle he was alive!

Yoshi gazed at the patient and walked out of the room. He took out his cell phone and dialed a number. "Hello?" a female voice answered.

"May I speak to Jennifer?" As the elderly female voice called out Jennifer's name, Yoshi wondered why she had sounded as if she had been crying and if he had anything to do with it. 

"Hey honey!" Yoshi smiled at the sound of his future wife's voice.

"Hey honey, sorry I was late for tonight, I had a special patient."

There was silence on the other line before Jennifer's voice sounded again. "Is my dad in the hospital Yoshi?"

"Yeah he is...actually he just regained conciousness." Yoshi heard the shuffling sound of feet and crying. "Jenny? Are you alright?"

"I'm fine hon," she sniffed. "It's just we're all glad he's safe, especially my mom. We thought...well we thought soemthing bad happened to him because he hung up on the phone. May I...speak to him."

"Sure." Yoshi said. He walked back into the room to see see a smiling Johnathan Bisping wishing the nurse a Merry Christmas. "Mr.Bisping...sir?"

The smile on the old man's face confused Yoshi. Usually when he saw his soon-to-be father--in-law's face it was a scowling one or a yelling one. What he said made him open his mouth in shock. "Call me dad Yoshi my boy. And yes?"

Yoshi mumbled a bit before he ragined his power of speech. "Well...uh dad...Jennifer wants to speak to you."

"Jennifer? My lord pass me the phone with all speed!" Yoshi handed over the phone to a now distraught looking Johnathan Bisping. He actually looked like he cared for his daughter. Quite the opposite of the man Jennifer had told him about. "Jennifer my daughter how are you?"

"Umm...I'm fine are you? Mom, Jason and I have been worried about you..."

"Jennifer...I've been an old fool. I've gotten all of you worried for nothing."

"Come on dad, you shouldn't talk like that. It's okay to worry about family."

"Even if the father has been a no good, grouchy and stupid old fool who pushed away his only son and daughter and wife?" Johnathan said. "Jennifer...I'm sorry I was so strict with you when you were young...I was a huge cow and I hope you can show some kindness to this old fool."

"Sis? What's dad saying?" Jason stared at his sister in anticipation, waitng for her response. She seemed to be struck dumb by whatever their old man had to say. "Put it on speaker Jen!"

Jennifer clicked a button on the phone and Jason said, "Dad?"

"Jason? My son can you forgive me as well?"

"Umm..for what dad?"

"As I told your sister I'm a changed man. I've seen the errors of my ways and I repent. And I ask please forgive me for everything I've ever done and especially for what I had to do to Terror."

The mention of their old family dog struck Jason silent. Was his dad serious? He was not only spologizing for what he did now but what he did over a decade ago? "Yes's cool."

"Good my son! And don't worry when you all get back in two weeks you'll be the new vice-president of the corporation, a right I know you'll do great in."

"Thank-WHAT!" Jason said. Excitement and confusion were ablaze in his mind. "Wait dad are you sure?"

"Son, I've never been more positive in my life. And I mean it. Oh and I also mean get that Warholl and Jackson to our house ASAP, and tell them to brign their children as well."

"Andrew's just getting the Santa suit at the cleaners but he'll be home soon. Wait why?"

Johnathan smiled from his hospital bed. "Because son, tonight I'm The jolly old man in Red. Merry Chrsitmas Kids!" He clicked the phoen off and handed it to a surprised but smiling Yoshi. "Kid, you have my blessing to wed my daughter and throw it as elaborate as you want, I'll pay if you do me a favour."

"Sure Mr.Bisping! Anything!" Yoshi said wide eyed.

Johnathan sprung off his bed and onto his feet. "Get me out of these hospital clothes and to that suit cleaning place in the city. I've got a Christmas to save!"

The End

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