The Second Spirit-The Eyes Over the World

Johnathan rubbed his throbbing head as he regained consciousness. As he stumbled around blindly in his unknown surroundings. Suddenly they morphed into an alleyway, the sound of passing cars and pedestrians abundant. He crawled towards a puddle of water, touching his face on the realization that he was still young. "What the heck..."

Suddenly he was thrown onto his back, the weight of another person on his entire body. He closed his then covered his face, a sudden cold wetness lathering him.

"Whoa there sit boy, sit!" He heard a loud woof sound and then felt the weight suddenly disappear. He wiped his face with his sleeve then stared in confusion at a small boy with messy brown hair in a baseball uniform stroking a large German Shepard. "Sorry mister, Terror is always hyper around new people."

Johnathan gulped and backed away a bit. "His name's Terror?" A million thoughts ran into his mind about the ways he could be torn to pieces by this massive hound.

The little boy let out a laugh. "It's alright mister, Terror's harmless. Just a name my old man used to scare carolers away." He skipped up to a bewildered Johnathan and held out his hand. "Come on sir, there's a hecka lotta things you gotta see!" Johnthan let out a yelp when he felt himself being lifted into the air. The boy and his dog looked calm, even happy at the prospect of being dangled into the air.

" high are we going?" Johnathan asked.

"Not too high mister, just above the city's main towers. Johnathan's face fell as the highest tower was well over five hundred and fifty five metres high. The terrified man let out a yell that contrasted the joyous yelling and howling of the boy and his dog. They flew past buildings and wires, until they came near to a large hospital. The boy and his dog floated downwards, Johnathan free falling behind them.

"HELP ME!" Johnathan yelled in horror. He shut his eyes and braced for impact with the building roof. But instead of a splat sound, Johnathan felt nothing. He cautiously opened his eyes and sighed when he realized he was inside a hospital room.  There was two people there a doctor, nurse and a young man.He was dressed in peculiar way, like those hip hop and rap artists. A du-rag tied to his head, a white sleeveless and pants two sizes too big for him.

"Sir do you know this man?" The doctor asked the young man.

"Naw' bro, no idea." He answered in a deeply urban/ghetto accent. "Me and my homies were takin' a spin on my ride and we sees' this old dude lying on the floor. Probably got whacked from the back by some no good muggers."

The doctor blinked then turned back to the patient. "I see. Well thank you for your time mister..."

"Darrel. Darrel Jackson."

Johnathan's heart stopped. His employee...Georgia Jackson mentioned she had a son to his son. She also mentioned he had had numerous faults with the law, the only reason she was still working for an "Old cow." He felt goosebumps run up his spine as he approached the bed and recognized the old, wrinkled figure in the bed.


He heard the boy whistle. "So your the reason Christmas is all screwed up for some people mister?"

"What do you mean?"

Suddenly the hospital room began to morph. From the hospital wing to the outside of a small house. As they stood on the small front lawn. Johnathan's eyes widened at the realization of his current surroundings. He was in a neighbourhood known for gangs, drugs and violence. However other than the sound from the house in front of him and a group of teenagers in a circle a couple feet from him, everything was quiet. The boy urged him towards the house, the dog confirming it with a growl.

"Alright I'm going in!" Johnathan snapped. He exhaled before making his way to the house. He stopped in front of the front door, wondering how he'd get through without arousing attention. Then an idea hit him. "Hey kid can I...walk through this?"

The little boy nodded to confirm him. Johnathan gulped and took in a deep breath, hoping his idea would work, He closed his eyes and jumped through the door...



The End

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