Knocking some sense into a Grouch's head

"You sure you're going to be alright?" Linda asked, a hint of uncertainty in her voice. The laugh on the other side of the line however caused her to smile a bit.

"No worries hot stuff, I'm going to be fine. Sister's got me covered on the whole rent thing. Plus I'm sure my old man will cool down."

"Alright Jason, but if anything happens you'll call right?"

"No worries hot stuff, your line's on my fridge."

"Okay bye!" Linda said her goodbyes to Jason before the line went dead. Hopefully he really would be all right, if his sister was as nice as he said. Oh and in a good mood. She checked the clock again and sighed. 9:33pm, quitting time. As she stood up to grab her coat, the office door of "The Grinch" himself swung open. He was dressed in his signature black trench coat and wearing a black hat.

"Good night Linda." Johnathan said. He was a bit surprised that his normally cheeky secretary wasn't wishing him a farewell and merry Christmas. Now what could have ticked her off?


Johnathan rubbed his hands together as he made his way towards the parking lot. His black '98 Chevy 4x4 was parked in perfect alignment to the parking lines. Even parking could be made perfect if one tried. As he approached his truck he fumbled through his trench coat's pocket, searching for his car keys.

"Come on, I know i have it somewhere..." Johnathan cursed as he was forced to remove his jacket, exposing himself to the harsh cold. "Come on, come on!" A sudden vibration in his jacket caught him off guard, making him jump a little. He pulled out the vibrating Iphone in his pocket and held it near to his ears. "Hello?"

"Hello? John is that you?"

"No it's a mugger. Hey Nancy."

"Not funny John. Any who I didn't call to see if you were safe, or getting home soon, I came because of what Jennifer told me. Did you really fire our son for asking you to get into a Santa Claus."

"Relax, I'll rehire him in as soon as he comes back to work tomorrow."

"That isn't the point John," his wife spat at him. He held the phone a bit farther from his ear in preparation for his wife's oncoming speech about his little faith in Christmas and family. "For as long as I've known you Johnathan you've been a mean old grouch who hates Christmas, even going to an extent to take your anger out on your own family. I mean really you haven't only hurt Jason but Jennifer as well!"

 Johnathan was so caught up in his wife's rant that he never heard the shuffling of feet coming closer and closer towards him."You disrespect her fiancee's parents and you don't even try to be nice to them or the man himself for that fact! I don't even know why we've been married all these years you grouchy bas-"


Johnathan caught the final words of his wife before he was knocked over the head by a blunt object, his vision going dark. "Johnathan what's going on..Johnathan...JOHN!"


The End

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