Merry Christmas...

Johnathan sighed and exhaled. "Anything I can help you with Bisping, Warholl and Mrs.Jackson?"

Jason gave his father a forced smile. The old man was a very intimidating sight, with a dead serious, no nonsense look on his face. That Jason knew was due to some time serving in the Army. He had been enrolled in military school by his father a couple years back but his mother shot down the idea, instead letting Bisping's "prodigy" go to a normal university. "So how are you today Dad?"

"Fine. Now what do you want?"

Jason cringed. He had hoped that some small talk would put his father in a better mood for what he was about to ask him. He felt an elbow between his ribs.

"Come on Jason," an extremely nervous looking Adam said in a hushed tone. "Ask him."

"Ask me what?" Johnathan asked. His eyebrow went up at the mention of being asked a favour. His gaze went from his son to his slightly twitchy friend Adam to Georgia. Georgia Jackson, the only woman, no, the only person who wasn't afraid of him. To her he was just an equal, a person like everybody else. He didn't like that about her. "Well spit it out."

"Oh for the love of God!" Gloria yelled. She whacked Jason and Adam's arms. Jason didn't make a sound but Adam jumped back a bit, making a small squeaking sound as he jumped. he rubbed his arm before facing Johnathan. 

"What we...we...we're trying to ask sir is...well..." Johnathan rolled his eyes at the nervous man's attempt to speak. He couldn't utter a damn word when he was scared.

"Well you know dad," Jason interrupted, summoning up the courage he had. "It's that time of year again, and well it's also Jenny's wedding tonight." Jennifer Nancy Bisping was Jason's older sister and the artistic one of the two. She was also the rebellious one who had left home the minute she became nineteen, fed up with Johnathan's strict rules and lifestyle.

"Yes she's marrying that police officer...or something correct? Johnathan said.

"No, he's a doctor," Jason corrected. "Anyways they're having his entire family over at the hall for a Christmas party after the wedding." Jason winced as his father grunted in disatisfaction. Jennifer's fiancee's father and their Father never quite got along together. This fact coupled with their marriage could be a reason he looked like he was going to pummel something with the lamp on his desk. "And they need someone to be in the Santa Sui-"

"Is that what you came to ask me for?" Johnathan interrupted. His voice was so low and quiet that it scared his son.

"Well yeah," Jason said. "We ask you this every year dad because Adam's always dressed in it and he's allergic to the beard." As if to prove his point, Jason glanced at Adam. The frightened man had been staring at the floor and was brought back to awareness by another slap to the arm by Georgia.

"What was that fo-" Adam stopped himself in mid sentence, caught under the piercing glower of Mr.Bisping. "I mean yes I have a terrible allergy to the wool inside the beard, it's itchy and scratchy and makes my nose red."

"Why not get a new beard?" Johnathan questioned.

"Well sir," Adam said. "The woolen beards aren't the only thing I'm allergic too, I'm also allergic to-"

"Also dad," Jason interupted. "You do have the proper...physique to play the jolly man in red. He gave his dad his charming smile, which sadly had no effect. At first Jason thought his old man was just mad and would send them out like always. But somehow he knew it was going to be different. The colour of his face was a testament to that.

"Look he's already as red as Santa Claus too." Georgia stated....

"We wish you a merry christmas, we wish you a merry christmas."

Linda was casually applying nail polish to herself as she sung a christmas carol when suddenly a loud noise caused her to polish off the nail.

"GET THE HELL OUT OF MY OFFICE!" Mr.Bisping yelled.

"WELL FINE MAYBE I WILL. YOU'RE NOTHING BUT A BIG FAT DICK ANYHOW!" Linda gasped a bit as she recognized the voice to be Georgia's.


Adam raced out of the office, tears in his eyes. Linda opened her mouth to say something but before she could, he was gone. Georgia followed behind, storming out of the office and into the elevator with Adam.

"AND A MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU BISPING YOU FAT COW!" she yelled before the elevator door closed shut. Linda bit her nails and proceeded to close the door. But as she was closing it, she caught the sight of Jason standing in front of his father, both men staring each other down. Then she heard Jason's normally upbeat voice give a pathetic rasp.

"Merry" And with that he left the office, his smile now replaced with a frown, a feeling of anger, betrayal and sadness inside his heart.




The End

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