Another kind of Christmas Carol

My Winter Challenge Entry.

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A clean shave, tidy hair, spotless suit and a working attitude. Those were just some of the examples that Johnathan Richard Bisping followed. He was a man who seemed to be at the top of his game, working a hard ten years to get to the position he was now at. Countless hours sacrificed to elevate him from a regular accountant to the Manager of Happy Smiles Corporation, a multi-million dollar industry who's main focus was the ordering and shipping of toys.

"Good evening Mr.Bisping."

Johnathan nodded his head to a pretty young lady standing outside his office. His secretary Linda Rutherford was a peppy young brunette, straight out of college. She was, profesionally, an excellent employee. However she had one fault that he despised ever so much. Her unending enthusiasm over Christmas.

"Merry Christmas Mr.Bisping!" Johnathan whipped his head back and frowned at the young woman.

"Linda," he began, gritting his teeth. "How many times have I asked you not to remind me of this excuse for expensive prices and paid excuse from working?"

Linda seemed to shrink as she bowed her head low. "Sorry Mr.Bisping."

He nodded in satisfaction before presuming his walk into his office. Linda raised her head to check if he was still there. When the coast was clear she signaled to three of her nearby co-workers. Two men and a woman came to her, looks of anticipation and fear on their faces.

The man with a blodne comb over spoke first. "Are..are you sure this is a good idea? Mr.Bisping isn't really the man I'd see taking this as a harmless joke."

The brown haired young man gave his co-worker a slap on the back, along with a goofy smile. "Just chill Adam. My old man won't do us any harm, after all it's the season of foregiveness, of kindness."

Linda giggled at the handsome youth. Jason Richard Bisping was not only the son of her boss but the target of her affection. After all he was funny, charming and surprisingly intelligent. Well that and he was drop dead gorgeous. "Don't worry Adam, Jason knows what he's doing." She giggled again as Jason flashed her his goofy smile, along with a wink.

"Mhhm you children better know what you're doing to yourselves." The pleasently plump and mother to them all Georgia gave them all their warning in her heavy Jamaican accent. "That Bisping's a crazy man."  

"Don't sweat it Georgia, I'm sure the old man will do this. Who knows, maybe this year he'll be feeling the holiday spirit." Jason assured her.

 Linda felt a lump in her throat at Jason's hopefullness. She wondered if she should say anything to him but decided against it, after all it could ruin her chances with him. And maybe this time Mr.Bisping would say yes to their favour...

Johnathan gazed at his office from his comfortable black leather chair. Everything was in tip top shape, the shelves all full of books, neatly arranged in alphabetical order. His many awards and pictures had been rigerously dusted and his floor was spotless. Even his mahogany desk was tidy, the papers all sorted into three seperate files and his personal belongings all in line. He was straightening out the name plate perched close to the edge of his desk when something caught his eye.

"Seems like I got a little dirt on this photo." He said aloud. he picked up the fragile looking frame and took out a pure white hankie from his suit pocket. However as he brought it close to his eyes, his heart seemed to skip a beat. It was an old photo of him and his wife and children, long before he had become in his opinion a sucess. 

Two children, a boy with messy brown hair and a girl with long, tidy brown hair stood at opposite sides of each other, the girl smiling beside her mother and the boy beside his father. His wife looked beautiful with flawless skin, sparkling eyes and beautiful long blonde hair. He was no so bad looking himself, Cleanly shaven face and hair, tall and muscular and sporting a goatee. This was him in his prime years.

"Age sure has punished me and Nancy," He said to himself. His wife was much older and her hair and eyes were no longer as vibrant as he remembered. He wasn't too beautiful to look at either, his six pack replaced with a bulging snack pack and his head now cleanly bald. His face dropped a bit as he noticed the date that the picture had been taken. December 25th, 1984-Happy Holidays, courtesy of the Bispings.

Johnathan stared at the picture before angrily shoving it into his desk. "I hate Christmas!" He swore. Just at that moment, three of his least favourite employees burst through the door, one with a stupid smile, the other looking like a nervous wreck and the last one with a doubting look on her chubby face.


The End

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