Prologue: A History.

9 years since the conscription of all those over the age of 18 for the Galactic Wars, Commander Radford of the Eastern Highlands receives an invitation to the first international summit.

Nine years ago, the Galactic Empire landed on the colonized planet B326II, demanding the immediate military service of all citizens. Everyone of age, including criminals, the sick and elderly were ushered onto the interstellar warships and haven't been heard of since.

All of those under the age of 18 were left to fend for themselves. The months following the conscription lead to the unexplained rapid growth of a fanatical, and violent cult, calling themselves 'the Kirondos'.

Benjamin Radford was one such seventeen year old left after the conscription. However, when the Cult of Kirondos appeared in his small town of Harendale, he and a small group of friends fled. In the ensuing months, the cult pursued them, and eventually initiated conflict with the group. Radford and his friends fought back, rapidly gaining support and momentum from other survivors, and the conflict escalated dramatically into full blown guerrilla warfare. 

The following years led to the Cult of Kirondos being thrown out of Harendale, and the establishment of an independent nation, the Eastern Highland. This victory was largely due to the invention of Hector armour. This armour, invented using pre-conscription warsuits as a base, eventually allowed its wearers incredible strength and stamina on the battlefield, as well as providing a near-impervious shield against bullets. This armour, however, was- and is still- extremely costly and time consuming to construct.

The Eastern Highland is run by a council of elected members, while Ben Radford commands the military. They continue to find themselves beset by enemies, including the Cult of Kirondos to the North, another hostile nation to the East, and roaming bands of scavengers to the West.

The End

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