Another Day at the Office

A private dick meets a new client...

It was a quiet Monday evening in the office and I was pouring out another glass of the cheap stuff.  I went to Tommy's over Jack on account I haven't had a case in three weeks.  It's not as smooth but it gets the job done.  I was sitting behind my desk with just my boxer shorts and my button up shirt on when she knocked on my door.  I told her to come in and I moved the whiskey to the side of my desk.

I nearly spit out my whiskey when she walked in.  This dame was decked out in the tightest red dress I had ever seen.  She smiled at me with full red lips that seemed to promise more than I was getting.  She brushed the blond hair from her eyes, her hand pausing to rest on her ample bosom before retrieving her bag from her shoulder.  She sat the bag on my desk and began rummaging through it.

"I hear you're good at finding things," she said. 

"I hear that, too." I downed my glass of whiskey and slammed the glass onto the desk.  The dame tossed a photograph in my direction.  She stared at me, waiting for me to understand.

"What's this?" I asked.

"That...Mr. Taylor, is a teddy teddy bear.  It was stolen from me two nights ago.  I want you to find it."

"You're probably better off just buying a new one," I was being a dick but it didn't seem to phase her.

"This one is special..." She paused for a moment, "I hid my grandmother's necklace inside it."

"Now we're getting to the juicy parts." I smiled at her but the disgust on her face killed my good mood.  "It'll cost ya."

"I'm willing to pay you a thousand dollars." She reached into her dress and retrieved a wad of bills.  She slapped the money down beside her purse and leaned over.  She leaned as close as she could, giving me a good view of the merchandise.  "Now...if you can come out of your cave long enough, I believe you have a bear to find?" She must have known that I was staring at her breasts because she slapped me something fierce.  Her soft hand hit me like a bad hangover but hurt worse. 

"Are we good?" She asked.

"Ginger peachy," I said.

I watched her walk out of my office and I can't say it wasn't a good view.  I decided to pour myself one more drink and downed it quick. Opening my desk drawer to put the bottle away I paused to smile at the teddy bear inside.  It was ratty but the necklace beside it was about to earn me that thousand dollars the dame just left me.  Before I closed the drawer I picked up the oddest thing I had picked up in a while.  I didn't know why I had a peacock feather in there.  It sure was pretty, though.  I decided to have another drink.

The End

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