"Anotha One"

Julia and her mom and dad arrive in Circadia and julia was excited when a sign read " Land of the free". Julia's dad ask a stranger if he has seen his dad. They keep asking people and looking. People are now having to deal with getting bad sunburns as the slowing continues to get worse. Seth got a very bad sunburn and began getting very sick, luckily he ended up getting better but it didnt help much considering at the end of the book it implies the world has ended or is going to end so hes gonna

One of Themes to be gotten from "The Age of Miracles"  is the theme of Them accepting their fate. What i mean by this is that they knew the end result of the slowing is them dying. So they had to accept this fate and still live their lives and get used to it. An example of this is real life is when a student gets a bad grade but its too late into the grading period for it to be fixed so they accept their fate of the bad grade and having to show their parents and face concequenes. 

The author's use of voice and diction in the age of Miracles changes the way you comprehend it in many ways.  what I mean by this is how words can change the meaning or mood ,  if you will, how you take something or how it makes you feel.There are quite a few examples of this in the book The main one being at the end.  she  she makes the end being near see not as bad even though they know they're going to die to make it sound Pleasant and positive and actually in the book on a positive note. I like the way she used his diction and her voice  in this book because it really allows me to comprehend it in a different way .


The forces that  motivate the characters actions in this novel would obviously be the slowing.  what I mean by this is that the characters all have different ways of coping with it or dealing with the slowing.  like Julia  is taking it from me curious stand point and being calm and Collective about it while questioning it.  Julia's mom on the other hand is going completely crazy and worrying about the slowing and stressing about everything.  then her dad is it showing his stress but is also doing things he would never do like cheat on Julia's mom. so the slowing has different effects on all the characters .


The End

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