Anorexia is bad for me.Mature

I am Isabella Voliet. I was diagnosed with anorexia. I live in a hospital for now to get better. Until he comes in. I usually don't pay attention to guys but this person is different there hurt not like physically hurt but he is mentally hurt. So Isabella says that she will make him better. Not knowing the trouble she may cause herself.

           My name is Isabella Voliet. I am in heart found hospital. Yes, it doesn't sound like a real hospital but it is. I live in Jacksonville Florida. I have anorexia it started about 3 months ago. Its been almost 6 months since I've been anorexic. They found out 3 months later. Thats when I came in here. 

            This was how my night had gone when I was admitted into the hospital. I was in my room trying to avoid going to get dinner like my parents had really never cared because, they think that I was eating later. They always thought I had my own food schedule. Sometimes they bring food up to me and then leave. I stay in my room a lot. But when they bring me food I either flush it down the toilet if its like soup or something like that. Or if its pizza or something like that I get a paper towel and hide it in my dresser. 

              This night was different it was my parents 15th anniversary. They usually went out or something like that but they wanted to eat as a family. So I tried to tell them I wasn't hungry. They still wanted me to come eat. I told them I wasn't feeling well they still didn't care. They haven't seen me actually eat in 3 months I've eaten little things like a chip and stuff like that. Little things like that every once in a while. 

               Finally I had decided that I would go downstairs and "eat". We were at the table. They had loaded my plate with green beans, corn, and steak. Way more than I use too. I can get full on a chip. So I was just playing with my food. 

               "Will you please eat your food and not play with it. It may not be when you usually eat but we would like it if you would please." My mother said. I took a little tiny bit that I cut up off my steak. I would continue to talk small bites like that. 

               "Mom I'm full can I please finish it later. I'll even stay at the dinner table too." I plead. 

               "Just a few more bites then you can put it away." She says. Ok I could manage a few more bites I guess. I take a few more bites. 

              "There now can I put it away for later?" I ask.

              "I suppose you could." She says.

              "Thank you." I say. I put plastic wrap over my plate. I walk back over to the table. When everyone is done eating. I go up to my room to finish my homework.  It's 10 o'clock. Everyone should be in bed. I walk down stairs go over to the fridge grab my food out of the fridge and throw away my food. I start to head back up stairs when I hear a voice.

             "You didn't even eat your food." My mom says. 

            "Yeah. My stomach has been really upset all night." I lie. Its been really easy to lie now.

            "Look how small you have gotten." She says lifting up my arm. She isn't wrong you can see most of my bones in my body.  

            "I've been excising a lot." Again another lie. This I don't expect. She slaps me. "Why would you do that?" I ask. Putting my hand over my cheek. 

            "The lying stops now Isabelle." She sighs. "I'm sorry I smacked you but I'm not going to deal with your lies anymore. Tell me the truth." 

           "I'm Anorexic." I breath. She starts to cry. I feel like I should cry for her sake but I can't. I've cried enough. Not being good enough or anything 

The End

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