a hero

Annie was a young girl who loved everything and everyone until one day her world was torn upside down by the unexpected.

You see annie was ten years old, she lived with her mother and father and had a very interesting life but one day annies father ddidnt return bak from the fishing trip that he been on and annie just knew deep down that there was something terribly wrong.

A cday or so later there was a knock at the door so anie went to answr only to find two police officers stood there, they asked if they could speak to her mother so anie invited them in.

As they went through into the lounge annie politely asked thm if they would like a cup of tea and so they explained that they werent stopping they were there to give her mother some news about her father

Annie looked up at the tall man and said my daddy is dead isnt he, the officer looked at the little girl, then at the other officer and then said we need to speak to your mother if thats ok.

Annie went to the bottom of the stairs and shouted MUM theres a nice policeman and policewoman asking for you its about daddy.

charlotte (annies mum) came downstairs and as soon as she saw the expression on the policemans face she knew that her husband wasnt coming home so she sat annie down and told her what had happened, annie looked at her mum and said i knew because daddy came to me last night and he said that i was to be really brave because from now on it was just me and you mummy, he said he was sorry and that he had tried his best to save himself and his friends but they had all died.

Mum he said that i had to be strong for you, at the the police officers started to cry because they knew that the girl was hurting just as much as her mother, they then asked if they would like to see the body just to be sure and so they went to the hospital morgue

The End

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