Annies little secret

a poem about a young girl who finds peace

There was a young girl that i knew

she always thought that things were great

but all that she would wear was blue

because her mother never thought she deserved a treat.


a few years ago not that many

this girl whose name was annie

she had a little brown fluffy monkey

inside her monkey was a little silver key


The little silver key that nobody knew about

well it took her far away from her parents

it took her to a little magical boat

where there were loads of presents just for her


Annie was a wonderful little girl she might have been shy, polite and kind but she was never a bad girl and so she was locked in a world of her own,


One day as the rain was fallind and the sun was shining

the room that Annie was in started to combine

it meant that there were loads of rooms and space

Annie had to find one special place


when Annie found that special place

she couldnt let anyone know

it was going to be a gigantic palace

just for her little perfect party show

The End

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