Chapter 7Mature


Evie laughed as she threw Connor to the ground yet again.

Connor groaned and looked up at her, “It’s not fair. You must be cheating!”

“Nope, I’m just stronger than you,” Evie replied sticking her tongue out at my older brother. I laughed from the side-lines. It was a beautiful and sunny day, so Evie and Connor had decided to have a ‘tournament’ outside. Evie was winning, of course. Connor had gotten a lot stronger in the last few weeks, but he was still no match for any of the guys in the Castle.

“Let’s go again,” Connor said, standing up.

Evie shook her head “I think that’d kill you, Connor”

“No chance. I’ll fight you proper this time,”

Evie laughed again, “So you’ve just been letting me beat you?”
”Yeah, just to be polite and that,” He said playfully

“Shut up, Connor. I’m stronger and we both know it.” She teased

“No chance,” Connor said, lunging at her. Evie screamed and laughed, allowing herself to be pushed to the ground.

I heard laughter from behind me, “I see a budding romance.” I turned to see Florence watching Evie and Connor

 “Don’t tell her I told you,” I whispered, “But Evie has had the hugest crush on Connor since we were both little.”
”Hey, princess!” Connor called, suddenly emerging at my side, making me jump,
”Jesus! Connor,”
Connor chuckled, “Sorry, Annie, but I can’t help that I’m super-fast and super-strong,”

I rolled my eyes, and slapped him on the back of his head, playfully, something which I wouldn’t be able to usually do, due to our height difference, but the fence – the one that bordered the outdoor fighting ring – which I was sitting on was tall enough to give me that advantage.

“So super-strong and super-fast that Evie’s spent the whole morning beating you senseless?” Florence smiled,

“I’ve already explained all this,” Connor said playfully, “I’m letting her win. My Grandmamma taught me not to hit girls,”

Evie jumped on him again, pushing him to the ground, “Yeah, you’re dead strong,” She giggled

Evie and Connor immediately recommenced their fight.

“Annie,” Florence said gently, “Can you come into the castle please? Aldous says that it’s time for your lesson.”
I nodded enthusiastically, and hopped down off the fence. After the failure of the lessons with Gwendolyn, I’d been looking forward to the lessons with Aldous, in which I would be learning about the whole history of the people of the castle. My history.

The End

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