Chapter 6Mature

“Annie, concentrate. I need you to be fully focused on this.”

I groaned “I can’t, Gwen, I’m tired.”

Gwendolyn sighed “My name’s Gwendolyn, Annie. And you can do this”

I closed my eyes and tried again. I’d been sat in Gwendolyn’s tiny room for the past two hours, trying as hard as I could to force a vision. I’d had no success so far. Gwendolyn had explained that because I’d spent nearly my whole life trying to stop my visions, and doing anything to avoid them, trying to force them would be incredibly difficult and would take a lot of practice.

“Concentrate on me, Annie.” Gwendolyn said gently “Concentrate on my past, my future. Breathe in my essence.”

I concentrated as hard as I could, it felt like forever, when finally I saw a young man, he was smiling and laughing at something.

“I see a man,” I said, my eyes still closed

“What does he look like?” Gwendolyn asked

“He’s got dark hair and eyes, unshaven; he’s outside, in a garden, in the courtyard of the Castle I think. He looks like he’s wearing Victorian clothes”  

I opened my eyes, “do you know him?”

Gwendolyn nodded, “I think that’s my husband.”

I stared at her, “Husband?”

“Yes, his name was Edward. I married him in 1821, but like everyone else I’ve ever loved, he died.” Gwendolyn’s voice was filled with pain.

I looked at the ground. I couldn’t imagine living as long as she had. Nearly a thousand years, all her family, all her friends, they were all dead now. She had no-one left, all she had was the castle, which for the last 100 years had been crumbling around her.

I began to feel weak again as the room went blurry, for the first time in a long time I didn’t fight it. I let myself be pulled deeper into the vision.

By the time the vision had finished, I had tears streaming down my face. But they weren’t tears of sadness, they were tears of joy.

“What did you see?” Gwendolyn asked

“The day Edward asked you to marry him. You were so happy.” I smiled

Gwendolyn smiled faintly, the pain clear on her face. “It isn’t easy living forever,” She whispered, so quietly I barely heard her, she stared out of the castle window, “It’s all I have now, this place. It’s killed me seeing it go into ruin like this.”
”I can’t imagine…” I said faintly

“It doesn’t matter. I have faith that I will see all my family again one day.” Gwendolyn smiled, “Let’s continue. You’re doing well, Annie. Concentrate.”
And so the session continued for another hour. I improved slightly, but I was still only getting a few snapshots here and there. It was hard knocking down all these walls that I had spent years building up.

The End

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