Chapter 5Mature

I woke up early the next morning, much before everyone else did. I decided to take the opportunity to have a snoop around the castle and explore its grounds.

I eventually sat on a stone bench in the courtyard, which faced a large fountain, as I watched water spurt out of the mouth of a giant mermaid; I tried to reflect on the events of the previous day. I was so engrossed in my thoughts I didn’t notice the figure standing besides me.


I screamed and leaped off the bench “Christ! Tristan, don’t do that” I shouted, as Tristan laughed.

“Sorry, what were you even thinking about?” He asked as we both sat

“How messed up my life just got,” I muttered, “Out all night, were you?”

“Yep, met a lovely girl, Sophie or Sheila or something like that. But I like to leave before they wake up.” He winked and smiled at me

I rolled my eyes “Such a gentleman”

He smirked at this remark.

“So, you’re a prince, and one day you’re gonna be King?” I questioned raising my eyebrows; I could never see Tristan being King.

“Yep” He muttered, sighing.

“You don’t sound too happy about that.” I pressed

“My father definitely isn’t, he’d much rather the crown go to my sister. Maybe I do too. Maybe that would be better for everyone.”

I suddenly felt a twinge of pity for him, “Why?”

“Look at me, Annie,” His tone changing suddenly, becoming angrier, “I’ve just come back from being out all night, I think I’m still a little bit drunk from the two bottles of whisky that I drank last night. The only thing I’m good at is having sex.” 

I rolled my eyes again, “Well, you can change that.” I said weakly

“No. No, I can’t. Look at me properly, Annie. Do that thing you do, look into my heart or whatever. You’ll find no King-like qualities there.” He sharply turned away from me. We sat in an awkward silence for what felt like forever.

“Anyway, I’ll to bed, and I’ll leave you here staring into space.” He got up to leave and turned to give me a weak smile before he walked away. I felt another wave of pity for the Prince.

The End

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