Chapter 4Mature

We talked a little while longer, but Mr. Cártach said that he needed some time alone with his son, so we all left. My family and I were instructed to get our bags- which we had packed this morning on Mr. Cártach’s instructions- and unpack them in our new rooms.

Before I did this, however, Gwendolyn took me to one side and explained that she had something she needed to tell me.

“When you were born, I felt it,” She explained, “I don’t know how to describe it, but I just knew that a Devantach child had been born with the gift of sight. So, I sent a family from the castle to watch over you, to ensure that I was right, and to make sure that no harm came to you in the years that you lived with humans.”

She then guided me away from the rest of my family, and down a narrow corridor, I was still confused, and not really sure what was going on when she knocked on one of the many doors. I gazed in shock at who opened it.

“Evie?” I whispered “What…?”
She smiled at me weakly “I’m sorry I never told you, I wanted too…”

“You were sent to look over me?” I interrupted “The only reason you ever befriended me was because of some sense of duty?”
Evie shook her head “No, Annie, of course not. I was only meant to look out for you. You know what I’m like, no way could I be friends with some one I didn’t like”
That much was true; Evie had a habit of blurting out whatever she thought about a person.

By this point Gwendolyn had left us alone, disappearing off through one of the other doors, but I barely noticed.

“So,” I started, unsure of what to say “You have powers?”

She nodded, “Super strength and super speed.”
”Like Connor,” I tried to smile

“Like pretty much everyone here,” She said

I looked at her confusedly, “I thought everyone had different powers?”
Evie laughed and shook her head “No, only the special people have different powers, like you and the King, and Gwendolyn”

“Oh.” I said, I felt a bit stupid having this conversation out in the corridor, I think Evie picked up on it, and invited me into her room. It was a fairly large room, with a really old looking four poster bed, and beautifully carved furniture, we sat on the sofa as Evie continued to explain in more detail.

“You see, certain families have certain traits, like your family with the power of sight, the King’s with the power of telekinesis, and then some people are just gifted at random, like Gwendolyn. And if you’ve not got one of these gifts then you have the powers of super strength and super speed,”

I nodded, starting to understand a bit better, and wondering why no one had really told me anything so far. Me and Evie sat a while in silence, it was really awkward, and I still wasn’t sure quite how to feel.

“So,” Evie started, staring at her feet, I could tell that she felt just as awkward as me.

The room was silent for a few more moments before Evie asked: “Who’ve you met so far? Out of the people who live here, I mean.”

“I’ve met the King, Gwendolyn, Aldous, the doctor, Samantha?” Evie nodded “and Prince Tristan”

Evie’s face lit up at the last name, “And what do you think of him?”
I rolled my eyes “He seems like a dick”

Evie laughed “Yeah, but he’s so fit”

“That doesn’t mean that he should be excused from being a dick, Evie!” but I was laughing too.

Soon, me and Evie were gossiping and laughing, and everything was nearly back to normal. Nearly. After us talking like this for an hour or two, we decided to go and unpack my things, Evie helped me, and we ended up both sleeping in my room, we hadn’t had a sleep over in so long, and it was much-needed.  

“Happy birthday, Annie” Evie whispered as we fell asleep. I’d almost forgotten that I’d turned eighteen today.

The End

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