Chapter 2Mature

We travelled for hours, we spent most of the journey being surrounded by mountains, lakes and forests, it was beautiful. Eventually we came to the foot of a huge mountain, where Mr. Cártach stopped the car; we sat a few moments in silence, each member of my family looking at each other in confusion.  

“Our home will only reveal itself to those whom it wants to.” Mr. Cártach explained

Me and Connor exchanged looks of confusion “What does that mean?” Connor asked, “Does this home have a mind of its own or something?”

“You will soon see.”
And we did. Just like that, a castle sort of appeared. Yes, a castle. And yes, appeared. It’s the only way I can describe it, it just appeared, it wasn’t there one minute and then there it was.   

“What the fuck?” My brother whispered

The rest of us remained silent and just stared at the castle, open-mouthed. What the fuck indeed.

Mr. Cártach moved the car forwards, towards the castle, I squeezed both Grandmamma’s and Connor’s hands, I was starting to get scared, I realised I barely knew this man who was taking me to some strange magical castle, this whole thing was stupid and ridiculous and crazy, and I prayed that it was just one of those stupid messed up dreams that I have.

 The road that led up to the caslte was bumpy, and covered in rocks, I clung even tighter to Connor and Grandmamma's hands. We soon parked outside of the castle and were led inside by Mr Cártach, the entrance hall was huge and stunning, it was stone-built and there were intricate carvings in each of the stones, there were old Persian looking rugs on the floor, portraits of ancient kings and queens on the walls and chandeliers hanging from the ceiling; but the most stunning thing in the room was the woman standing in the middle of it.

“Holy fuck,” I heard Connor mutter, and I didn’t blame him. The woman looked in her early twenties, she was tall and slender with long dark hair that almost reached her waist, she was honestly one of the most beautiful women I’d ever seen.

“This is my daughter,” Mr. Cártach said, but I had already guessed that, they both had the same startling blue eyes “Princess Florence Cártach” He announced, to which Florence did a little curtsy

“Wait, Princess?” Connor asked

“Yes,” Answered Florence, “And my father is King to the people who live here, did he not tell you?”
We all shook our heads

“Florence, where is your brother?” Asked the King

“Still in bed I think,” She answered, smiling exactly the same half-smile as her father

“I swear, that boy can never do anything I ask,” muttered Mr. Cártach

The End

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