Annie always just thought she was a freak, but when Eric Cártach knocks on her door, her whole life changes...
Yeah that all sounds very dramatic, but I doubt it will be. The story may be a little odd, but that's my style ;) I hope you like it, I'm more than open to critism, Thanks!

I’d always known something was wrong with me, something was different. Ever since I was little, I’d never really fit in anywhere, never really had any friends, none except Evie of course. We’d known each other our whole lives, but we really became friends in primary school, we were both the ‘weird kids’, Evie’s dad had been in prison since she was four, and it didn’t look like he’d be coming out any time soon, in a town as small as Red Bridge, - which has a population just shy of 8,000- people talk and no-one wanted their children to hang around with the daughter of a murderer. And I was the girl who knew too much, who always knew things about people I’d only just met, and that scared the other kids, at first they thought it was cool, I could tell a person’s name, where they lived, and what they were going to do that evening just by looking at them, but after a while they started to find it creepy, and stopped wanting me to hang around with them. Even now, when I meet new people, they just don’t want to be around me, something about me makes them uneasy I guess. I don’t blame them, I just figured I was a freak, but then it all started to make sense, on the morning of my 18th birthday when a man named Eric Cártach knocked on my door.




“Jesus Christ, who is at the door at this time in the morning?” I heard my brother’s voice yell

“Connor, mind your language!” My Grandmamma shouted back

“Is anyone going to answer that door?” I heard my mother’s voice yell

I groaned and pulled myself out of bed, I looked at my alarm clock, 4:58 am. Who would be at the door at this time in the morning, and why did they have to be there on the morning of my 18th birthday, of all days?

I grabbed my old dressing gown and slowly made my way down the rickety stairs of our ancient house. By this time, my Grandmamma had already answered the door, and was already giving the man stood there a lecture on how it was impolite to call at someone’s home so early in the morning, and even more impolite to go banging and thudding the way he was.

“I’m very sorry, but the matter is very urgent.” Said the man, he sounded very well-spoken, which made me immediately wary, we don’t get many well-spoken people round Red Bridge.

“Well, then. You better come in and tell us exactly what is so urgent.” My Grandmamma said, stepping out of the way.

“Who is it?” My older brother, Connor, asked me in a whisper

“I dunno, some posh old man” I answered

“Annie and Connor Miller,” Said the man, looking up to where we were stood, half way down the stairs, “Come down here at once so that I may speak with you.”

Me and Connor exchanged looks before going down the stairs to stand in front of him. He was massively tall, at least 6’4, and had greying hair that had once been dark, I could tell that he would have once been a very handsome man.

“Hello Sir,” I eventually said, remembering the manners my Grandmamma instilled in me

“How do you know our names, and what the hell are you doing here at 5 in the morning?” Connor asked

The old man smiled slightly and briefly, and then once again his face was grave.
”I know many things about the two of you, and also about your father, but we will get to that later.”

We all jumped at the mention of my father, it had been over ten years since his death, and he was rarely spoken about in our house. Since his death my mother had been distant and virtually locked herself in the house, it only upset her when we spoke about him, so we soon learnt not to. We all made our way to sit in the living room, my Grandmamma offered the man tea, and was quickly refused

“My name is Eric Cártach and…” He started, before being interrupted by Connor

“Cártach? What the hell kinda name is that?”

“Connor! Please, remember your manners,” Grandmamma said, giving one of her looks that could make anyone feel the deepest shame


“An ancient name, and a very respected one too," Mr. Cártach stated, "Where is your mother? I need all of you present before I tell you exactly what is going on.”

Grandmamma went upstairs to bring my mum down, she then again offered Mr. Cártach tea, and was again refused, when we were all finally settled and seated in the living room, Mr. Cártach began to tell us his story:

“Over 100 years ago, your great-grandfather, Jonah, was given to an orphanage a few miles away from this village, from where he spent the rest of his childhood. He married and had a son called David, who married Lacey” He looked pointedly at my Grandmamma “They then had a son named Robert, who married Ella” He then looked at my mum “And they had two children, Annie and Connor” He turned his gaze to me and my brother, who were sat side-by-side on our old tatty sofa.

“Yeah, and that’s all great and that, but it doesn’t explain what you are doing here, and why so bloody early” Connor interrupted

The strange man did another of his little half-smiles “Jonah’s parents were Belle and Luka Devantach, who were very close friends of my great-grandparents, our two families go back centuries, our alliance has been one of the most powerful known.”
We all looked at each other- he had completely lost us.

“Please, can you stop talking in riddles, and just tell us why you’re here.” Connor said

“I am here because your little sister has a very special gift, and one that me and my people need if we are going to survive. I want both of you to help me and my people, since your ancestors died our race has been lost and broken, with no-one to guide us.”
”A gift?” I questioned

The man nodded “A powerful one, you must have noticed it, over the years, a gift that powerful is hard to ignore.”
I shook my head, pretending not to know what he was talking about.

“Don’t lie to me, child” He commanded in a booming voice, it wasn’t very threatening, but it was enough to make me shrink back a little, “I know you know.”
”She can see the future” Grandmamma stated

“For God’s sake, Lacey, not this again” My mum said, rolling her eyes

“She can, I’ve known it since she was little, she has the gift of prophesy.” My Grandmamma was a devout Christian, and she believed that we were all gifted by God, she used to tell me when I was little that God had given me the gift of seeing the future, and that it was a gift to be used carefully, and to help others, but my mum had gotten so angry about it that Grandmamma had soon stopped.

“Yes, she does. Don’t deny it any longer, Ella, you’ve been blinded by grief and anger, you should help your daughter, not make her suppress who she is.” The strange man looked at each of us, and the room was immediately silent, there was something about him, in the way he spoke or the look in his eye, that made us all know we should do as he says, and show him respect. "My people and I live at the foot of Creaidun Lontous, a great mountain north of here; I believe humans call it Scafell Pike. I wish to take you there, and show you my people. Annie and Connor, you are part of us, you belong with us. I can show you how to use your gifts, to control them and to master them.”
Connor’s face lit up “So I have gifts too?”

Cue another half-smile “Yes you do, you are abnormally strong and fast already, once I have shown you how to control this you will be incredibly powerful.”

“Cool” Connor smiled

I rolled my eyes, and my mum laughed.

“I’m not listening to this. It’s ridiculous, please leave my house now, and stop brainwashing my children with your bullshit. Go!” My mother screamed

“Actually, Ella” Mr. Cártach said calmly “This is Lacey’s house and therefore it is only she who may ask me to leave.” He looked at my Grandmamma “Do you wish me to leave?”

My Grandmamma shook her head “No, I believe you.”

My mum stared at her, open-mouthed. I suppose most other people would too, what Mr. Cártach was saying was ridiculous, but to me, Connor and Grandmamma it just made sense, we just knew that what Mr. Cártach was saying was the truth, that we really did have these gifts, and that finally me and Connor had found somewhere where we would belong, were we would be valued and not treated like freaks.

“Good,” Mr. Cártach smiled, not a half-smile, but an actual smile “We shall commence the journey at once.”


The End

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