The edge of the diving board.

in order to interest the massing throngs of fans, to enthrall them at once and hold them captive within their own minds by these little black lines on a page, I find it best to delve at once into the tale of a life time. not easy to be sure. I like to beat around the bush a lot when I write a story. I like to explain things, make sure they make sense, talk about people's upbringing and mothers, describe their home and occupation, what our heroes are wearing and make it quite clear that his eyes were blue and stormy as a midsummer afternoon sky. I feel like this makes things clear, acceptable, tidy. no questions asked, succinct, plain to anyone and everyone.

Unfortunately, (as I mentioned above) if you want to begin a story, you have to begin it right off the very very edge of the diving board. otherwise you(my dear reader) will probably become bored and continue to browse along on your merry way, searching for something more palatable to ingest. heaven forbid. believe me, you will want to hear this story. in fact, you're destined to beg for more after I'm through with you. (muhaha.)

so please, if I'm not to disclaim everything I've striven to express in the above scripts, continue on with courage!

The End

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