Chapter One: Seawell

Arello, a half-Elf/half-Gold Dragon, begins his adventure in the port city of Seawell, a once thriving nation. He then embarks on a quest (with a friend or friends he meets there whilst completing his mission to stop the pirate threat) to stop the summoning of a powerful and evil demon of the underworld Abyss from taking control of the world they live on. There will be a love story weaved into this as well. ^_^

The sea spray had by this time become overwhelming--expected of the port city of Seawell. Of course, this far south, the western coastal areas were heavy with humidity. Nevertheless, travel still came easy to those on the road. Folk of all walks of life trod the path, on foot or on horseback; some with wagons and carts. Merchants used this road regularly. One such traveler, however, stood out a bit from the rest. His shoulder-length blond hair was tied back neatly behind his obviously Elven pointed ears. His eyes were a striking ardent, and the pupils appeared slightly more reptilian than typical. His unusual appearance, coupled with the white, sleek armor and gold-trimmed sheath at his side--holding an equally ornate sword within--drew many stares. He, however, was accustomed to such attention, and paid it little heed. 

The city gates loomed before him, and he could hear the harbor knells tolling the arrival of new ships. Further south and west, down the coast some distance, was a lone lighthouse. The midday sun burned hot, so the building was dark. However, as far as his keen eyes could tell from this distance, the place had little to no life about it. He narrowed his gaze, skeptical. He did not have time to muse upon the predicament much longer, though, because the snorting of a horse behind him--rather close, as he had slowed to a stop to look at the distant lighthouse--caught his immediate attention.

"Oy!" Came the call of the driver, a merchant by all appearances when Arello turned to face him. "You, Elf! Keep it movin' or git off th' road!" 

Arello nodded, and began moving forward. "My apologies," he muttered, to which the other man grunted in response. It didn't take long for he and the few others that were around him to reach the throng of folks that were crowding the gates of Seawell. He could hear the gate guards shouting orders to each other and instructions to the various patrons.

"All first-time visitors please present all weapons for examining. Returning visitors, please present your passes!" 

Arello smirked. He had something different. He pulled out a slip of parchment. It was rolled up at the time, and within was a most important missive from the mayor of Seawell. He joined up with the rest of the throng, parchment in hand. He continued to get stares from folks, and even met some in return, nodding in acknowledgement as they pressed toward the gates. The guards continued to repeat their instructions in voices that carried over the crowd.

The End

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