Without my input I'm seeing my dad 2 times a month which if you ask me is more than I need to, apparently its good to see my family. I think different. I don't care how many times he says his sorry I don't need him in my life anymore.

 I waited impatiently on the itchy wooden chair in the corridor near the room I would come face to face with my dad. 5 minutes late, not here. 10 minutes late, still not here.15 minutes, no show. 20 minutes late and I'd lost all faith on him coming, looking at Julie I think she had to. The door creaked open, our heads shot round like whippets but unless dad wore heels it wasn't him.

 No of course not, a social worker  in a black suit informed us that if we wanted to we could leave because they didn't think he was going to turn up. I looked at Julie suggestively, luckily she gave in, "okay, okay I guess we can't wait anymore, let's go and get pizza" I mouthed thank you back because my mouth was dry with disappointment. Exiting the uninteresting building a silver hatchback pulled up a guy stepped out. It couldn't could it.... it looked nothing like him.

The End

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