The letter

There steps are pounding in my ear i can hear them getting closer i cant run im the slowest i cant ignore them either, there behind me theres a tap on my shoulder i have to look round "eh dont walk away from us" they pull me to a hault the leader grabs my hand pinching it hard like a thousand pin pricks but i stand tall no tears they will mock me if i do.

Iv'e learnt to deal with at least its  me for a reason i would hate knowing they did it to someone else that lives a total normal  life ,im being truthful im nearly home as i try to walk away a boy named Jack digs his nails into my shoulder it hurts badly but  i still walk on pretending to not feel it i speed up my pace a couple more steps to safety, i decide to run they follow me i jam my key in the lock furiously.   Im in safety at last gasping for breath but at least im alive thats the main thing, Lucy runs and jumps on me carrying a letter i had not seen before "look Anna look" she says sweetly handing me the beige letter.I rip it open with my sharp nails it reads :      


           Dear my darling Anna-lee its your dad im out of prison and i begging to see         you,whats school life like eh who do you hang around with i know its been hard for you but miss magness says you have been coping really well.                                                 I plan to have you over as soon as i get my flat back and you can live with me aswell.                                      

i love you so much i hope you realise that anyway, got to go now  seen   you  soon   dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                        

you think I would be happy dont you well in fact im the opposite of delighted im furious, the emoticion I should feel the least.He did nothing to help.nothing to help us to anwhere in life, I dont hate him. I just hate the fact that he dont want to do anything with his life.I tell Julie not to bother, that his useless and I dont need him in my life and im certain that I dont want to live with him she nods and raises her eyebrows but she doesnt question me.

The End

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