"Im home"  i called out waiting to hear a reply whilst slowly walking towards the living room, entering the cluttered room with a twin on her hip Julie greeted me "hey anna, how did school go?,"she didnt ask me this because she was interested in how my day went, she got paid to, she was a foster carer for people who didnt have a family of their parents had done something 'bad' and needed looking after.

Dont worry, im not a freak though thats what they call me at school or some times weirdo but words can never hurt me internally. Its one of the things ive taught myself, to be oblivous to how rude or harsh these remarks were i would brush them of life a speck of dust on my top.I do have a family, well a bit of one. my mum died in a car accident. It made me phiscally sick when the social worker told me what happened.


My uncle, though i dont think i can call him that after what he did. He was responsible for my mums death. He cut the brakes on her car, it was all in spite of course . My mum reported him because he wasnt looking after his children properly. My cousins Ella & Amelia both six years of age. It was thought that he was seeking revenge ever since that incident had happened.

My dad is in prison. Theres a longer story to that, but i will tell you later.

                                                  Anna x

The End

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