Anna Wolfe

New school, new school, new life. A chance to escape from her terrible past. For Anna Wolfe Cartridge is a place of new beginnings. But no matter how much she tries, what she is will never disappear. And it is Anna who will have to learn how to control the beast within and manage homework all at once.
*If I get a good response to this, I plan on turning it into a mini series. Comment please!


I stepped tentatively through the classroom door. How would they see me? Would they accept me or would I be an outcast once more.

“Ms. Wolfe?” I looked up quickly, hearing my last name. A young female teacher smiled warmly at me. “You must be the new girl I have in my schedule. I’m Mrs. Taggart, your Pre-Calculus teacher. Since you’re a few minutes early you can take your seat over by the window. ”

“Ok,” I replied quietly. I walked the small distance to my vandalized wooden desk and sat. I surveyed the classroom taking in its drab colours and childish posters. I’m sure I’ll fit right in, I thought sarcastically to myself. The bell rang with a sharp Bbbrrriiinngg, signaling the stampede of students into the room.

Everyone took their respective seats and, to my surprise, I sat next to no one. Everyone was at least two or three seats away from me. Silently I relaxed, less of a chance for people to discover what I was. Mrs. Taggart stood clapping her hands a few times.

“Welcome back students, I trust you enjoyed your four day weekend?” An eruption of talking and laughing came from the students. I, on the other hand, just lay my head on my arms and pulled my black and pink striped hoodie over my mousey brown hair.

“Alright, alright. Settle down.” She looked at me, blue eyes twinkling. Oh please don’t call me up I thought. “We have a new student! Ms. Wolfe could you come up front please?”  I sat up and  pulled off my hood. I gave a slight nod and got up from my desk, leaving my violet backpack behind.

When I reached the front of the classroom I turned around and faced my new peers. Instantly I knew who were the jocks, the preps, and the outcasts. Some gave me a bored and dull look, not caring who I was. Other sat up straight listening intently.

“Hi,” I said weakly, waving at the class.

“Tell them a bit about you,” Mrs. Taggart whispered in my ear. I thought hard, what would I tell them? What could I tell them?

“Ok, my name is Anna Wolfe. I used to live in Coldsprings until I moved here to Cartridge. I’m sixteen years old and I love to read, write, and listen to music.” I paused, is there anything else I was supposed to tell them?

“Thank you Anna. You may take your seat.” I hurried back to my seat, trying not to look to nervous. I sat down and looked back to my desk. Sitting on it was a note. I looked around but noticed no one was paying any attention to me. Curious, I picked up the folded paper and unraveled it. On the lined paper was a message written neatly in blue ink.

Hello Anna,

Meet me after school at the Raven statue.



I read the note over and over. Who was Sabre? What did he or she want? The a terrible thought hit me. Whoever it was they knew my secret. I felt queasy all of a sudden. My head spun with the thought.

“Anna…Anna? Are you alright?” I looked at Mrs. Taggart. Concern played over her young features. I rubbed my temples, trying to calm myself down.

“Yea, Yea I’m fine.” I lied. “Could I get a drink of water?” She nodded. I rose from my seat and walked uneasily from the class out into the hallway. A cold chill whipped through the hall, making me shiver. I looked down its empty expanse but saw no one.

“Your just imagining stuff Anna,” I commented to myself before taking a few long drinks from the water fountain. After feeling a little better, I headed back to the class. Hurriedly returning to my seat.

Twenty more minutes passed before the hour was over. The bell rang causing everyone to file out as fast as possible. I took my time placing my books in my back and walking casually out of the room. As I reached the doors threshold, Mrs. Taggart stopped me.

“Your sure that you’re ok?” She asked. I silently cursed. I had hoped to get through the day relatively unnoticed  but it seems that had gone out the window.

“Yes, Mrs. T.  I’m fine, promise.” I said trying to be convincing.

“Still,” the teacher said “I’ll get another student to take you to your next class. Just in case.” I sighed and nodded. Better to not make a scene.

“Vlad.” The teacher called out to a student across the hall. The boy turned and I could instantly feel my cheeks go red. He was tall and lanky probably about 5’ 11”. He had jet black hair that hung over his emerald green eyes.  Vlad walked calmly over to us, smiling when he saw me.

“Yea, Mrs. Taggart?” His voice sounded foreign.

“Could you take Anna to her next class? She’s new.” Vlad looked at me, a grin on developing on his features.

“Of course.” He nodded and took my hand. My heart thundered as he led me down the hall.

“So what’s your next class Anna?” He asked leading me around masses of chattering students.

“A.P Physics,” I said swallowing my emotions. Vlad looked at me, a hint of joy flashed behind his eyes.

“Wonderful, that’s my next class.” He pointed to the door and let me go in first.

“And they say chivalry isn’t dead.” I said sarcastically. He laughed, a warm inviting laugh. The teacher looked up at our arrival.

“Hey, there’s our resident smart-aleck.” The teacher chuckled, looking at Vlad, who held up his hands.

“I confess, you’ve got me.” Vlad feigned being caught. The teacher then looked at me.

“Ms. Wolfe I presume?” he asked.

“Great deduction Holmes.” Vlad chided as he took his seat. The teacher rolled his eyes and returned his gaze to me.

“I’m Mr. Setz. You’re A.P Physics teacher. I know you’ll have a good year in this class.” I headed to a seat next to Vlad and sat. I hope so, I thought remembering what I was.   

The End

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