Hello. My name is Corstelis but everyone calls me Cori. I'm a different creature. My mother is a nymph/elf and my father is a werewolf; the beta of his clan, in fact.
I've reached the age of 20 and I'm growing tired of the cosseted life I live in the palace. All I want to do is be free but my parents are too worried. Somehow, though, I plan on getting out. My help will come in the form of my older cousin, Bryan, Jr.
*Sequel to Angel in the Night*

I was born into a divided land. My mother gave birth in a palace with her master and his wife. My father wasn't able to be there because there was trouble in the clan. According to my mother, when I came out of her womb, I didn't cry or coo. All I did was look around. However, when I was placed in her arms, the first thing I did was cuddle up to her bosom. When my father was finally able to see me, I giggled and bounced until he picked me up.

My father said that knowing who your parents are immediately was common for werewolves. But, here's the thing: I'm not a werewolf.

When I was a little girl, I was mischievous and I liked to sneak outside and play pranks. My mother said this was common for nymphs. But here's the thing: I'm not a nymph.

I'm also very talented with the piano and I have a beautiful singing voice. My mother said this was common for elves. But here's the thing: I'm not an elf.

I have no clue what I am. My mother, Rosebud, was part nymph and part elf. She used to be an elf but, to save her life, her mother changed her into a nymph. My father, William, was a werewolf. Such a union was unheard of but they had fallen in love. Then they had me.

My mother's master's name is David. She was bound to a sword but she has yet to tell me why. When David used the sword - named The Sword of the Thousands - to kill his father, who had become a werewolf, he became the master of the Sword. He also became the alpha of the clan his father was the alpha. Truthfully, it's complicated and makes my head hurt.

David married Princess Angel and allowed my mother to live in the palace with them. We were safe and that made my mother feel better. She wanted to make sure no one tried to hurt me because of what I was. There's just one problem: she keeps me locked in the palace and it's frustrating.

My skin, though pale from being part elf, was still pale after 20 years because I could only go outside if I stayed on the palace grounds. I had long, flowing blond hair that Mother said I had inherited from my grandmother, the Queen Mother of the elves. My eyes were, of all the colors I could have been given!, white on the inside with black around the rings. It was like my body couldn't decide if it wanted to have my father's black eyes or a nymph's traditional light colored eyes.

"It adds to your beauty," my mother insisted.

"No, it makes me feel even more like a freak," I argued.

It always upsets her when I say that but I couldn't help it. I was three races combined into one. As far as I'm aware of, there's no one else out there like me. I wish there was. Life wouldn't be so lonely if there was.

My only friends were my cousins. I had five but only two of them liked me: Bryan, Jr. and Sally. Bryan, Jr. was 10 years older than me and Sally was 5 years older. Their mother, Christina, and step-father, Tiberius, liked me, though, so I had that going for me.

I loved my family, as dysfunctional as it is. But I was still lonely and, every day as I stared out of my bedroom window past the village and werewolf colony, I would observe the enchanted forest. I had a pull to the forest I couldn't understand. I wanted to go there so badly but my mother flat out refused to let me go, even with an escort. Over the last 21 years, something dark was growing there.

I waited impatiently for my chance to come to leave the palace. For now, though, my mother is at my door for another scolding.


"I just don't understand, Corstelis," she sighed, pacing in front of my bed. "What pleasure could you have possibly gained from that?"

I shrugged, my left leg swinging as it was crossed with my right leg.

"I dunno. Uncle David has been complaining about the cane. I figured he would be pleased when it was... altered."

My mother stopped pacing and put her hands on her hips. "You turned it into a pillar of water!"

"It wasn't wood anymore," I smirked.

"He was standing when you did it! You're lucky Tiberius was there!"

I puffed out my cheeks. "I'm still working on that power; give me a break."

"I will not give you a break. That was incredibly irresponsible. Now go to the throne room and apologize to him!"

I made a face. "Do I have to?"

"Yes," she snapped.

"Fine," I groaned.

I stood up and hunched my shoulders, hanging my head dramatically. My mother made a frustrated noise and, from behind me, pulled my hair so that my head was lifted. She pushed a little between my shoulder blades so my back was straight. I grumbled and shrugged out of her hands.

"You're 20 years old," Mother said through gritted teeth as we descended the stairs. "Start acting like it."

I entered the throne room. King David and Queen Angel were laughing between each other. He had a new cane made of red oak and a silver handle. My mother ushered me in when I stopped. I groaned, alerting them of my presence. Uncle David sat up straight and arched a brow.

"Sorry," I mumbled.

"For what?" my mother snapped.

I glared at her. "I'm sorry I turned your cane into water," I said in a robotic voice. Aunt Angel giggled. "See!?" I said to my mother, pointing at Angel. "She thought it was funny!"

My mother glared.

"It was still dangerous, Cori," Uncle David said quietly. He always spoke quietly unless he was angry. "You know how injured I am."

I crossed my arms stubbornly. "You've been complaining about your cane. I was just trying to help."

Uncle David shook his head with a small smile on his face. "You're so much like your mother."

"She is not," my mother sniffed. "I never pulled a prank like that."

Tiberius snorted from his place beside Uncle David's throne.

"You don't count trying to trick me into thinking you were Christina a prank?"

"That's different. I didn't cause physical harm!"

"Oh, please," I said. "He's fine!"

My mother opened her mouth but she was interrupted by the arrival of my father. He was looking stressed.

"My alpha, there's problems down at- Corstelis? Please tell me you're in here just to say hello," he sighed.

"Okay. I'm in here just to say hello," I said innocently.

"I don't want to know," he mumbled and turned back to Uncle David, making the werewolf salute. "There is trouble down at the clan, my alpha."

Uncle David groaned. "What now?"

"Arguments over the crops," he answered. "I tried to settle it myself but they won't listen to me."

"I know who they will listen to," Uncle David said grimly.

"Can I come?" I begged.

"No," my mother said immediately and I stomped my foot.

"Please, Daddy?" I said, grabbing his arm. "Just this once? I want to see where you always go!"

My father sighed. "Rosebud, she'll be with all of us. She can't go sneaking of anywhere."

My mother groaned. "Fine."

"Yes!" I cried.

"But you are to stay with us," she ordered. "And, under no circumstances, are you to go anywhere near that damn forest!"

The End

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