Animaux Academy

"Kokieo," Her mother yelled from outside. Kokieo ran over to the windowsill and peered out the screen of the window. "Kokieo you got a letter!" She jogged out the door and met her mom in the middle of the stone pathway from the road to their house. Her mother handed her the letter and she grabbed it with her fingers which where covered by the sleeves of her hooded sweatshirt. 

Kokieo managed to open up the letter. "It's from a school," She said softly, digging her chin into the collar of her sweater. "I've been welcome into a boarding school." She showed her mother the letter. She grabbed it and looked over it. 

"Oh Kokieo," Her mother cooed, happy as a clam. "This is fantastic. This is a great school for you. Oh, honey I'm so proud of you." She wrapped her arms around her daughter and held her close. Kokieo starred off at the brown fence separating her house from the one next door. 

Kokieo was only fifteen and preparing to go into high school as a Freshmen. Her school was small and very poor. Her mother always wished the best for his daughter as any loving mother would. She hated having to send her there but it was the closest school around. Kokieo wasn't a very big fan of her school anyways. She wasn't a fan of the kids there who didn't bother to try and get to know her at all. 

They sat in the kitchen looking over the brochure for the school. Her mother found it suspicious that the letter only came a week before she was supposed to attend her first day, and that they had never heard of the school before. Actually no one had heard of it before. But she wanted Kokieo to have a great education. 

Kokieo started packing her bags a few days later. She sat with her legs crossed on the floor of her bedroom, looking through all of her personal items deciding what she wanted compared to what she didn't really need. Kerie, her orange stripped cat, rubbed against her leg, purring. Kokieo rubbed Kerie's head, contemplating wether or not to take her with or leave her.  

Does the school allow animals? She thought to herself, shuffling through old yearbooks. She got interested and decided to open one up. She looked through all of the pages of her fellow classmates that she was leaving behind. She soon caught a picture of herself in sixth grade, smiling a braced up smile, her hair curling around her face. She laughed at the black and white picture before moving onto another yearbook. 

She packed a few notebooks and pencils along with her clothes. Her mom took her school shopping, which was oddly exciting. She took another look at the brochure which she kept under her pillow. 'Uniforms addressed on arrival' she read. Maybe all these clothes weren't necessary. She kept all of her hooded sweatshirts and jeans in there, along with a few rarely worn dresses and her pajamas.

She slid her makeup, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, hair brush, and shampoos into another case which was much smaller than her suitcase. Then she got out her cat's portable cage and set that out along with the rest of her belongings for school. She took a blanket to put over the cage just in case. She wasn't going to leave Kerie at home without her. She would feel more homesick that way.

Soon the day that she would head off to school arrived. Her mother came along with her to make sure she got signed in alright. The school was large and sort of  looked like a giant castle. It was decorated with dark gray stones and flowers of all different colors. it was in a random location, and they only got there by plane ride. She got signed in to the school and received her uniform. She slide it on in the bathroom and put her sweater on over it, swinging it's oversized sleeves.  

She walked back out only to be escorted into another room that was a circular shape. Looking around she saw hundreds of students. She wasn't sure if they were all Freshmen or not. But they seemed to be in some sort of arena. 

The End

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