Animal Spirits

Babies all over the world have started being born with unusual birth-marks that resemble Native American symbols for different animals. These children stated showing up and stopped being born year 1993. Scientist can't find an explanation. But as these kids age they seem more at home in the wild then at home, and more powerful together then with anyone else. And they find that they have special abilities that ties them to an animal. Can they find out what they are?

Chapter 1: Jason The Spirit of the Wolf

I was running none stop across the track that the school used for the track team. I was running for the joy of it, the wind and the reoccurring feeling of freedom that I loved so much. Don't ask me how long I was running because truth is I had no idea what so ever. When I stopped for a break I wasn't really tired, it took a lot for me to lose my energy. I took a long gulp from my water bottle and started running again. 

"Hey," my sister called and honked her car horn. The sound rang in my ears and I stopped to look at her. She was on a summer vacation, coming home to visit from Ohio State which was rare since she normally spent her summer with her boy-friend. "Don't you want to spend some time with your sister?" She mumbled something under her breath that somehow I was able to make out. "You better!"

My eyes left her and went to the track that was in front of me and then to my stop watch. It said that I'd been running for about... three hours straight! No way could that be possible. The stop watch must be broken, that's the third one in six weeks that's just gone and broken on me. 

"I'm coming Destany," I called to my sister. She turned her back and I sprinted over to her. She turned toward me and jumped. "Whoa.. calm down big sis it's just me you know." Like that was suppose to make her feel any better, I was a emo looking kid with thick, wild black hair that went past my shoulders, I had snake bites and my eyes were green but were covered by my long hair.

"How did you get here so fast," I she asked me. I looked at her quizzically for a minute. She must of read the look on my face because then she said, "I turned my back for few second and then you magically appear."

"I'm sure you had your back turned longer that a few second," I said to her. No way could I run fast enough to cover the distance between the track and my sister in a few seconds. "I mean come on."

"...Anyways..." she said and opened the drivers seat of her Saturn Sky, which is some kind of convertible I'm guessing. "Come on, we're going to the mall." I rolled my eyes and got into the car. "But first, you need to take a shower and get into something more appropriate for being around cute girls." Again I just rolled my eyes, I strapped myself in and closed my eyes. 

Soon, my eyes opened and casually went toward the window, looking out at the woods around us. I felt a deep longing to get out of this car and get into the safe embrace of the tall trees and the bushes. My sister glanced at me for  a quick second.

"You should wear something that shows off that little tattoo you have," she said talking about the mark on my arm. I looked at her and sighed.

 "It's not a tattoo," I said. "It's my birth-mark, you should know that already Destany." The mark on my arm oddly resembled a Native American symbol for the wolves. It was something doctors have always questioned when they saw it because it obviously wasn't a tattoo but in their eyes it was too oddly shaped to just be a birth-mark. Which for some reason had always bothered me to no end, it was a birth-mark why couldn't they just get over it? The silence grew in the car, eerie and awkward.

And when we got home I jumped out of the car and ran inside and up to my room. I locked the door and laid down on my bed. I knew that Destany would drag me to the mall or nag me into a black hole for not coming with her so I got up and picked out some clothes. Then hopped in the shower for a little while and got dressed. I hope black skinny jeans, white studded belt, a Three Days Grace shirt and a white jacket was enough for my sister, because I wasn't going to change.

I went down-stairs to find that her friends were already here and two of them went to my school. They were about 17, like a lot of Juniors, and I've seen them around a lot. "Lets get this over with," I thought to myself. So off to the mall we went. Hopefully something even remotely interesting happened... 

Something in the pit of my stomach started to churn. But since I was in the car I totally ignored it. When we got to the mall my right side was in pain.


The End

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