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An introduction to a series I am writing!

The Animal Series
Animal Lust
Animal Instinct
Animal Need
Animal Love

Prologue and Explanation
2018: The world is still recovering from the Electronic Holocaust Wars that started in the mid of the years 2012. The Mayans could predict what was going to happen, but we couldn't. Damn, either someone was covering for them or we better resurrect a Mayan. Anyway, they said there would be a change or a new beginning and they were right.

The North Koreans started the EMP Blitz on July 4, go figure. Their main target was the USA, but they also targeted Japan, Russia, and Paris. The main corners of the international communications system. The EMP missiles couldn't be tracked and every country reacted like the Koreans wanted them to. They retaliated. A full out war followed the attack from the Koreans and every country was ready or anything. Any country could get EMP missiles, either they had their own or they bought them off the black market.

Now, nothing works. Cell phones, computers, power lines, cars, you name it and it doesn't work. Guess that kind of the point of the EMP, huh. Some people have managed to get some small appliances to work, but that's all we can hope for right now.
But while they fought their EMP wars and fought, they didn't know that they were bring down a wall, a barrier between two worlds. On one side of the Wall was the humans, completely ignorant of the other civilization on the other side. Walls span hundred of thousands of miles across the world. Among many of the small ones, were the main facilities in Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Ireland, Greenland, and Iceland. They have the Wall and barriers were the humans haven't touched yet, pure earth as we call it. Have you wondered why some of the vastest of the national parks haven't been knocked down and several buildings being built? Because the Wall was laced with a spell, a spell that puts a charm on any human that comes near it and it automatically makes you not want to do anything to it. All the works of the Old Civilization. They are being hunted by the very thing that they hunt. Humans.

Vampires~ Hunted or their blood and their different abilities. It is said no vampire has the same ability, some can have only one and some can have many. They are the top thing on the list of 'To get at the Auction House' list. They are strong, some can stay out in the sunlight, but only during the early morning and the late afternoon. (Some vampires don't want to push their luck and stay out for a full day. If you ask me, I don't blame them.) Like any nocturnal creatures, their eyesight is incredible at night. Their eyes take on a very, very light neony looking blue when they have to use very little light. They look like any other human, but you can tell them apart by the way their eyes adjust to fast changes in lights and how they react to fighting and when you piss them off. (I do not recommend that to anyone.) Like many of the different Old Civilaztioners, they live in clans. Preferring to keep to themselves and stay away.

Elves~ Often held as healers for the sick, old, and wounded. But some wealthy people will just keep them as instruments. They are sold for high amount, a little lower than the Vampires and Animal Shifters. They have the ability to heal anything, so long as it's within their limits, if any elf goes beyond their limit they would have signed their own death warrant. From the weakest, a dieing planet, to the strongest, bring the dead back, only after a limit of time. Like in the stories, they have been known also as the Fair Folk. Their unusual beauty reveals the vampires charm and the Nymph's "sexual atmosphere". They are known to "heal" broken hearts and "sooth" the soul with their voices, some even having the ability to talk to animals.

        Animal Shifters~ Often too wild and dangerous to be used as slaves and instruments, they are usually killed when found and some manage to break those that they do catch, and some hunt them for sport. They are able to take the shape of the animal that is in them. It is an old tale that they take the spirits of the many animals that the human have killed and they live through the shifters. Some spirits can be as strong as they can talk to their "hosts", the shifters that house them, and communicate with them with a mental link in their heads. But as the animals in the human world decrease, so do the amount of children that are born with an animal spirit. Some animal species are dieing out so rapidly that some clans are not have newborns at all, and the EMP Blitz have only added on to that. Among the always increasing numbers, the feline clans have all but disappeared and the bear and seal clans are quick to follow. All animal shifters hate human for the deaths of animals and there for the deaths of shifters. While they hate them, they are known to be hell to break, but they are, they are as good as a train house pet.
Human Shifters~ They are so rare that they aren't held in auctions. If they are found they are usual kept and caged. They are labeled as to risky to run around. Though they aren't like the animal shifter that are more lethal than any organic thing will be, they can take on the shape of any person they come in touch or see. Due to weither they do one of the three, see them, touch them, or digest their blood, depends on how long they can keep that shape. If they only look at someone they can only keep them for 2 to 5 hours. If they touch them they can stay that shape from 24 hours 36. If they digest their blood, some can only stay that way from days to weeks, but some have been able to keep it with them always, like a blue print locked away in their body. If that shifter refuses to shift back in their original form when their allotted time is up, they will die a slow and painful death that goes down to the nuclear level. No scientific evidence can tell why. If they are found, they are often sold to governments and agencies. They are like a humanoid blood hound, if they get personal item of a person they can track that peson down.

Nymphs~ They are often held as entertainers, as dancers and prostitutes. If some human is luck enough to catch one, they tend to keep them as their sex slave. Their abilities mostly lie in the bedroom, but it is said that many of the best fighters were Nymphs, and the gods prevent that one gets angry. If one does then all hell will break lose. They are told to bring untold pleasure in bed, but it is also their weakest link. Some can't live without sex, but some can, but not for very long. Sex is the main thing for Nymphs, and no one is a virgin. They often refuse to have sex with same gender and some just down right despise it.

Any Old Civilaztioners will be hunted down and either killed and captured, and forced against their will to do what their capture wants. They are seen as trophies and signs of wealth. But they have been living for all their lives and they won't give and they won't back down when it comes to a fight.

But when everyone is either an enemy, another species or rival clan, or just a dumb fuck that stupid enough to cause problems, love is near impossible.
And one of the only ways to go through this very fucked up, dieing , and bloody world. . . . . and wars are still around every corner.
They must either give into the wild side, their much feared animal sides, or give it up.

Only then they might live through this hellish nightmare and even then . .  . . they might not.

And this nightmare isn't even beginning.  

The Saviors Prophecy
When all is one,
The time will come.
War will ravish the world,
And only four can protect it.
Only four will be chosen of Will, Strength, Valor, and Spirit.
All must be at the Circle of Rebirthing,
One less and all will fail

One of Crimson, with death in her eyes.
One of Wood, who's touch could awaken those who are far gone.
One of Animal, caged but not broken in a dead land.
One of Love, who's innocence is as pure as peace.

The End

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