Chapter 4

Dear Journal,

Well, I'm back "home" at the orphanage. It's 1:00 AM and I have no idea why I'm still awake. I guess I just need some time to write privately in you. So, my mom would ask if I had one, any girls you like? Yes, as a matter of fact. I admit I have a crush on Sage. She may be strange but hey! She's cute! She's not always acting strange. She simply loves making life exciting. If you can get over her fear of water it's not too bad liking her. I get to see her a lot.

Walking to school was a little weird today, considering it was raining. Sage stepped outside, looked around, then jumped into Naussica's arms with an umbrella. It stopped raining around lunch and stayed clear until CTE. Sage and I were talking as we stepped out into the rain. When she got hit by some rain, she gave a squeak and jumped into my arms. She weighs considerably lighter than you expect. I swear she's not much more than a bird. She opened her umbrella and then smiled at me. I smiled back blushing. Now that I think on it, her cheeks were a little pinker after she jumped into my arms..........

The End

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