Chapter 3

Dear English Journal,

This is English, but I figured since I haven't written in a few weeks I may as well write since we're not doing anything horribly interesting.

I've been going to this new school for a few months now. Sage and Naussica are completely insane. Sage may be more crazy than Naussica.

A few weeks ago, I saw Sage by the drinking fountain, but she didn't see me. So, I tiptoed up to her, grabbed her shoulders and yelled "BOO!"

There's a reason she plays the flute. That girl can scream. When I'd scared her, water went up her nose. A high pitched shriek exploded from her and traveled throughout the hallway. She collapsed on the floor and started writhing.

Naussica came reeling out of nowhere yelling, "119! 119!" She scooped Sage up and ran off.

Fared came out and asked me what happened. I told him the events then commented that Naussica's a bit mixed up when it comes to 911. He shook his head then explained that 119 is the school nurse's phone.

"OH. Why did she scream then???"

"She's scared of water......"

Who's ever that scared of water?

The End

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