Animal Necklace

An orphan with a mysterious necklace that has no clasp. Living in an orphanage, he feels disconnected to the others. Little does he know at his new school, there are three others like him. However, they know more about him, than he does.

Hi, my name is Alexander Sanders. I live in an orphanage, for, as the place describes, I am an orphan. My hair is dark brown, I'm about 4'10'', brown eyes.

The only thing that connects me to my past, is a necklace that has been around my neck as long as I remember. It's impossible to break; nor does it have a clasp. It's not loose enough to pull over my head. The unique thing about this silver chain is the silver badger attached. The badger has a brown gem eye; on its body in a symbol which meaning I don't know.

I'm going to a new school. I not sure how easy it'll be to make new friends, but I don't think I need to worry. At the ridiculous time of 5:00 AM, I entered the school. A boy about my age smiled at me and introduced himself.

"I'm Fared."

"Fuh-red?" I tilted my head at him.

"Yup! My dad wanted to name me Fare-ed but my mom said no, but Dad still wanted the spelling, so it's Fuh-red." He smiled. "I'll be helping you in school along with two of my friends. I hope you don't mind hanging out with two obnoxious girls."

I shrugged, "When can I meet them?" He opened his mouth to respond when I heard something in the halls behind us.

Taptaptaptaptaptaptaptaptaptaptaptap SCREEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"FARED SAVE ME!!!!!!!!" Shoomp! A small girl with black hair and a white streak in the front left wearing black and white was suddenly on Fared's head.

"What-?" I started. Then,

Tiptiptiptiptiptiptiptiptiptiptiptiptiptiptip SCREEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"NAUSICAA!!!!!!!!!" An even smaller girl jumped up and tackled the girl with black and white hair, I presumed Naussica, and they rolled on the ground until the smaller girl with light brown hair wearing red pinned Naussica to the ground.

"NO, NO, NO! I WON'T!!!!!"

"What did you do Naussica?" Fared asked casually, looking as though this happened every day. The girl wearing red turned and glared at Fared.

"She took my king size chocolate bar!" She turned back to Naussica. "Give it!"

"No, I won't." Then I noticed the chocolate bar in Naussica's left back pocket. Reaching down, I pulled it out.

"This it?" I asked. The girl in red took one look at it and grabbed it then backed into a corner. In a voice sounding like Smeagle from Lord of the Rings, she said,

"My precious. Naussica just wants to keeps it! Must not let her , no, no...."

"Uhh......" I stared in confusion at her. Fared leaned close to me.

"Walk over, bend down and look into her eyes and say 'mine'" He whispered. I did as he told me to, and she opened her eyes really big. Then, she emitted a shrill bird shriek and ran down the hall. She didn't disappear from view though. She stopped in front of a locker, opened it, threw the candy inside, slammed the locker and walked back casually as though nothing strange had just happened.

Then things got stranger. Naussica grabbed my arm and took a DEEP sniff. She dropped my arm and said, "Dirt."

"What?" I asked.

"Naussica has a VERY powerful sense of smell. Each person smells different." Fared explained.

"I smell like burning sagebrush!" The girl in red piped up, "and Fared smells like tuna!"

"Which makes me drool...." Naussica's eyes shut halfway and a little line of drool came from her mouth.

"For more than one reason." The girl in red grinned. Naussica's eyes popped open and she said,

"Sage!" The girl in red said,

"What?" Apparently the girl in red was named Sage.

"So, how are we even allowed into the school this early?" I suddenly asked, noticing the empty halls. School didn't start for another two hours.

"Naussica is the principal's daughter." Fared provided. Naussica grinned.

THAT is how my first day in my new school started.

The End

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