Conor didn’t think that he’s ever been happier.

Yes, he wasn’t in bed, wrapped around Delilah, enjoying the pleasure of her body. But he was doing the next best thing.

He spent every moment he could with her. Either walking around the boat, enjoying the sunrises and sunsets, or just standing at the bow if the boat and watching the fish and dolphins jump over the waves.

He learned that she had an unbelievable connection to the animals in the ocean. Also to the ocean it’s self. She was hesitant, but he managed to get her to tell him what was bothering her one night, as the sun was setting.


Delilah was sitting on the deck, her feet hanging over the edge of the boat and lightly grazing the water under them, her arms crossed and hanging on the rails, her head resting on the rail, looking down at the water.

He spotted her tense position and knew something was bother her, no matter how much she tried he could always read her body language. Sitting next to her, he playfully pushed her shoulder with his own.

“What’s wrong, Delilah?” He asked softly, not knowing if it was a big or small matter.

“It’s nothing, just thinking about something.” She said, trying to get him off her back. But he wasn’t going that easily.

“If it’s bothering you, it’s not nothing.” He responded, not giving up. She would crack, she always did.

Looking over at him, she seemed to evaluate him, mentally seeing if he was really wanting to know. She sighed and looked back at the water. She had cracked.

“I’ll tell you as long as you don’t . . . freak-out.”

His brow creased as he nodded. She was scared to the admit this to him? What had made her scared to talk about it?

“I have this . . . connection, link, to water. I can hear it, feel it move like it’s alive, even . . .control it.” She looked at him from the corner of her eye, when she saw his face, there must have been something there because she seemed encouraged. “And when I touch water I can sometimes feel how it feels, like I can tell if it’s hurt, polluted. And when I touch the Ocean, it screams out to me.”

“What’s wrong with the Ocean?”  He asked quickly. The Ocean was, is, one of the few things keeping the world alive. If something is happening to Ocean, then the world’s chances of naturally rebuilding it’s self is going to get slimmer. A lot slimmer.

“What’s not wrong with Ocean?” She snapped, her head wiped around to him, anger in her violet eyes. “Over fifty animals die everyday, and those that live are even closer to death. The Ocean is overflowing with toxic waste, not only from years ago, but also from even today. Some where, there is someone that is using very old chemistry and they are putting the waste in Ocean.”

“How can you know that?” He asked, shocked and awed. Yeah, he heard some vampire have special abilities, but to actually ‘hear’ and ‘feel’ the ocean like she’s describing, the gods must really be relying on her.

She laughed, “like I said, I have the power to listen to it. And if I’m lucky, I can hear certain animals talking.” She looked back at the Ocean, a far away look in her eyes.

“Show me.”

“What?” She looked at him so sharply, she bunked her head on the metal railing over her. Rubbing her head, she looked over at him with big, round eyes.

“Show me how you can control the water. I wanna see.” He really did want to see, he believed her. But for someone to actually have the power to control the elements, that meant she is so much more important than he thought.

“Sure,” she looked like she was arguing with herself. But she sat up straight and raised her arms from their resting place. She held them out over the water. He saw her gulp and take a deep breath.

Then, as he watched, he saw little streams of the water rise, and bend as it rose. It wasn’t straight, wasn’t even equal, but it rose at her command. It seemed to try to flow even as it came from the ocean. It had no set shape, it was free.

“Amazing!” He laughed, his eyes locked on the water as she bended and twisted it to her will. But he still saw her big grin on her face as she watched him intently.

“It had been just a few months after the Master found me when I found out I could do this.” She watched the water now, not even glancing at him. “I was washing up, taking a bath and I was enjoying it. Then, I wished the water could dance, a childish wish, but it did the trick. I lifted my arms and started to act like I was dancing. When I opened my eyes, water was floating all about the room, dancing with me. I was so happy, like I had just found an old friend.” There is a tone of regret in her voice, and he couldn’t help his curiosity. 

“What happened that would make you think I would call you a freak, or even think about you like that?” He asked, leaning closer to her.

“The weeks after I found out I could, I practiced every time I washed. I got so good, I could use it with just a flick of my wrist.” She smiled wistfully, and continued. “But when one of the women that serviced the men started yelling at me, I got angry. She started hitting me and used the water to protect myself; I made a globe of water around me. It freaked everyone out, so they called me ‘freak’ or ‘water girl’. And when the Master found out, he yelled and gave me a punishment.”

“What was it?” He asked, his body becoming solid rock. If he had hit her-

“Ten lashes.” She swallowed, letting the water down slowly, she looked over at him. “One of the few reasons why he stopped feeding me correctly, so the scars would stay on my skin. Constant reminder to follow the rules, and him.”

“But the other day-”

“You didn’t feel them. That’s because my skin heals, but the tissue remains scarred. Unless I feed regularly, I have a feeling that it won’t ever go away.” Her voice shook and she hung her head down. “And I want nothing more than to erase every memory and physical evidence that I was ever there.”


At the moment, they were sitting at the top of the boat. They had to ask the captain before coming up there, but having special connections meant that he could do almost anything.

“I don’t think I’ll ever get use to the sun.” She sighed, looking at the sun set again on the horizon.

Five days have passed since they first started traveling for his home land and they would be docking late tomorrow. He wanted it to last, to just stay in this danger free world and just get to know her more. To stay with her. But reality was crashing on him and he had to wake up from his dream.

“Why is that?” He asked, feeling the last bit of sunshine on his skin.  

This he would miss most, just watching the sun dip at the line in the distance and talk with her. Just talk, nothing more. He liked it more than he ever thought he would.

“Because each time the sun sets, or rises, it feels different each time. And it won’t ever feel like it did before. Not the day before or the week before. I guess it’s just me.” She smiled at him and he nearly lost his breath.

No matter how many times he saw her, or in a different light each time, she took his breath away. With the orange streaks giving her skin a golden tint, her violet eyes having brightness to them, and her smile shining at him, he felt like the luckiest man in the world.

‘Great, now I’m turning all sappy and love-story.’ He inwardly groaned, ‘this girl is gonna turn me inside out.’

 “No, I understand what you’re saying. For someone who did not see the sun for most of what they remember, the sun must feel like freedom.”

“You have no idea.” She laughed, but the shadows crept back into her eyes.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to-”

“You didn’t. I was already thinking about it.” She sneaked a peek at him and smiled. “I just have to get use to the idea that I could have been a completely different person, lived for over a hundred years, and,” she sighed, “find the answers about my missing memories.”

Silence stretched between them, her thoughts consumed her and so did his. But his were more. . .fanatical.

He wanted so many things. To know her past. To know her more. To be with her. To lay with her at night and to just feel her next to him. But he wanted her safe more than anything.

So when they got to his home, he could leave her with his sister and visit HQ, without his package. He had made up his mind.

She moved. Leaning back, she looked up at him from under her lashes and leaned over and laid her head on his lap. The girl would never know how much she pushed his boundaries. With her mouth so close to his cock- Biting his tongue, he tried not to moan, but let her relax.

Conor’s thoughts returned back to their conversation on the bow, and he resisted the urge to lift up the shirt to see the scars. Again, the thought of marks on her sent a storm of anger through his veins.

Fisting his hands, his eyes strayed back to the tail of his shit that she wore so Godsdamn good. But he knew that if he lifted her shirt even a little, he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from taking it all the way off. Tipping his head back, he looked up to the heavens and mouthed, ‘why do you torture me so’.

Taking another beep breath, he looked down at the little vampire lying in his lap, forcing his body to relax.

“If you want I could-”

“No, you’re just fine. I don’t mind.” He lied, but he would rather her be touching him than have her not. Call him selfish, he liked her touching any part of his body.

Mentally cursing himself, he tried and forced his thoughts away from that idea, or the whole fucking area. He couldn’t afford to scare the girl, not when he was so close to her.

As he rewound the past few days, he didn’t realize his hand began to idly comb through some wild strands of her inky hair.

“Can I tell you something?” Delilah’s voice sounded shaky, she was nervous.

“Sure, go ahead.” He said, his hand fully petting her hair now. He wanted to calm her, assist her with anything. And if that meant being her go-to-person, then he’d be her go-to-person.

“Okay,” he felt her hand fist his jeans, “I-I have nightmares. Almost every night. But the strange thing is, I don’t know whats going on.”

“What do you mean, honey?” He had expected some sort of confession about what happened in the whore house that made her so scared of men. But nightmares are just as bad. He’s seen people go crazy from what they’ve seen in their dreams. And she hasn’t been sleeping, now that he’s thought of it.

“I’m in someplace I’ve never seen. It’s cold, very cold. But for some reason it’s hot. There’s a fire, a huge fire. And there’s screaming, people burning. People running.” She shivered, and he moved his hand to her shoulder, rubbing away the chills. 

“What aren’t you telling me, honey?” He asked softly, knowing she needed convincing. She keeps her secrets up tight.

“I have a real bad feeling, Conor.” She sat up and looked over at him. There were tears swimming in her eyes, he felt his throat close off.

“Like what?” He leaned in closer, and brought his hands to her arms, offering what comfort her could.

She bit her lip and looked down away from him; she took a shaky breath and looked back up at him. “I feel like it has something to do with. . .my past.”

Oh gods. Not hesitating, he pulled her into his lap fully. She seemed startled, but she settled right into his frame like she belonged there. He felt his body tilt, like something was finally right. It felt so right with her in his arms.

Then take her, Conor.

Surprised, he wrapped her closer and rubbed her skin. She felt colder than he’s known her.

You’ve been very peaceful for the past two days. What crawled up your furry ass to bring you back to the living?

Hey, don’t be that way; I’m the only furry fucker here. I’ve been letting you drool over your vamp for the past two days uninterrupted. Now, just a little brotherly advice. Go for her.

With her hands clenching his shirt, he bent his head and rocked her. She was near crying and he won’t take advantage of her. That would be low, very low.

“Shh, it’a be a’right, lass,” He quietly assured her, rubbing up and down her back.

He heard her gulp and knew she was starting to clam down, but he wanted to hold her for just a few more minutes. He smiled to himself; he didn’t care if he was twisted inside out by this soft-hearted, purple-eyed vampire. He would enjoy it.

He moved his head when he felt her stirring and she looked right up at him. There were dark circles under her eyes, he hadn’t been this to her to know otherwise he would have found them earlier. As his eyes searched her’s, he saw that she was very tired. She always seemed so still when she slept, but then again, she hasn’t slept near him since the first time on the boat. 

“You need to sleep; maybe you talking about it will help.” He leaned back, letting her breath. He went to let her off his legs, then she wrapped her arms around his neck.

“Can I please, stay right here? I didn’t have the nightmares when I slept next to you on the bench down in the mess hall. And I just want another one. Just one more?” She pleaded with her eyes as much as her voice, and there was such honey dripping from her tone, he wouldn’t try to say no.

“It’s alright, Delilah. Yes, I’ll let you sleep with me.” He smiled as her face lit up with a smile, one he rarely saw.

When she locked eyes with him, the meaning of his words seem to sink in. Damn it.

“I didn’t mean it-”

“I know what you meant, Conor.” She smiled, and then she did the most incredible and hottest thing he’s ever seen by a women.

She turned around and straddled him, her knees at his hips and her body so close to his.

“Honey, I only have so much willpower when it comes to a woman like you.” He groaned as she scooted up and sat down, her heat right over his, already growing, hard-on.

“I know, which is why,” she laid her arms on his shoulders, “I am doing my very best to change your mind.” When did she suddenly turn into a hellion? She might as well have red hair.  


“No more talking.” She effectively sealed his lips as her own came down on his and he knew that he would never taste anything sweeter.

And Godsdamn her, he didn’t give a fuck about her virtue.

The End

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