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  Conor turned his back to the door and sighed, his wiped down his face as he sighed. His hands on his hips, he was surprised when he heard the canine laugh.

  “Just what’s so funny?” He asked as he walked over the couch and plopped down next to the wolf, his head leaning on the corner of the couch.

“You, Conor. I expected her to react like that, but not you.” The wolf’s grin was lopsided, like he was smirking. His lips moving to the words. Conor would always remember when a human first hears Berach talk. Priceless, seeing a wolf talk like a person seemed to be the most shocking thing to humans.

“You mutt, you planed this?” He sat up more as he looked accusingly at his wolf.

“Not all the way through, I just told her to take a shower while she could and mayhap told her you’d be back a little bit later.” Berach passed a glance at the door and then back to Conor. “She wouldn’t have taken a shower if I hadn’t. And her face when I told her it was hot water,” he shook his head, “it was like I was giving her freedom.”

Conor was shocked when Berach mentioned that. Just a hot shower and the girl was happy?

What had they done to her? Or better yet, what hadn’t they allowed?

He closed his eyes and tried not to imagine what the past held for the small female. He knew that some Masters could be cruel, even to the point they would beat the women for simply giving them the wrong look. And he had a feeling that the one at The Devil’s Corner wasn’t too forgiving.

“You know it best not to think on the past, Conor.” Berach’s voice was more tense, for the wolf knew just what Conor was thinking. And what he was trying not to think of.

“I know,” He sat up, swinging his legs around to put his feet on the floor and rested his elbows on his knees, he looked at the door to the bathroom. “It just hits way too close to home.”

The door opened and Conor had to try not to gasp.

He knew she was beautiful, shit, she was beyond beautiful. But now it was a . . different, weird, beautiful.

His shirt knew his shirt would hang on her, he thought it would dampen his reaction to her since he possibly couldn’t see her figure.  And the sweat pants hung on her, too. But it didn’t help, nope, it made it worse.

He should have known that seeing her in his clothing would effect him so. Her breasts were ample that they brought the shirt out just enough to create a small shadow on her chest. The sleeves were long enough to reach her wrists, so she wouldn’t be cold. His shirt went down to just past the middle of her thighs and covered were the pants began. She had to tighten the bands a lot, he was sure. And she had rolled up the bottoms of the legs. Though the sweat pants were a little short on him, they were plenty big on her, the bulk around her ankles reminded him of a child when they wanted to wear their parents clothes and ended up with half of the material folded up.

Her hair hung just past her waist and had curls all through it. Giving her an angelic look, all she needed was a halo. Her bright violet eyes seemed refreshed, the shower had done her good. And even the heavy makeup she had on was gone. Her natural beauty is flawless. The light from his ceiling lights, glowed on her skin. So fair and unblemished. It made him want to reach out and caress her skin, to see if she would gasp, lean into his touch, or pull away. Just to feel her skin would be enough. . . .

“Do I look that bad?”

Her voice shocked him out of his trance and he wanted to curse, he hadn’t known he was staring openingly at her. He was thankful she was thinking the exact opposite he was, she couldn’t look more beautiful.

“No, it’s just that it doesn’t look, um, half-bad.” He answered and inwardly winced at his words. Half-bad? The girl was giving him the most raging hard he’s ever had. Scratch that, second most raging hard on he has ever had. Since the one he had had when he left her an hour ago was the first. He was very thankful that his pants were lose and his shirt long enough to cover his crotch, but even then it might be a better idea to get her away from him for a minute, or fifty.

He thought it was because she was wearing the see-through gown that he had been hard earlier. He sighed, apparently not.

“Well, um, thanks?” Her response was hesitant, like she didn’t know what to say. She probably didn’t. She most likely had no social experience, maybe a little from talking, but that’s it. It made her other comment seem out of character.

“No problem, you wanna sit down?” He asked softly, sensing her demeanor was sensitive. She was cautious, as she should be.

Her hands were wrung together as she considered his offer, though she eyed Berach with concern, she sat down on the furthest past of the couch.

“Did you find everything to your liking, little one?” Berach asked before he could gather any words to explain what he needed to.

“Ah, um, yes. I had never taken a warm shower and it was very relaxing. Thank you.” As she nodded her thanks them; he saw the littlest hint of a blush on her cheeks.

‘Keep talking to her, I need to think.’ He spoke to the wolf. Who acknowledged his statement with a small tilt of his head towards Conor.

“You are very welcome, Delilah. It’s been a long time since we had any guests in the apartment, but there should be some food in the kitchen, you are free to get something.” Berach kept the invitation open as she thought about it.

“Would it be okay if I did?” She asked Conor, though she didn’t look him in the eye.

“Of course, you are our guest. Anything is yours.” Berach saved him from answering as the canine jumped down from the couch, causing her to jump. “Come with me, I’ll help you.”

Giving him a glance, she rose slowly and she followed Berach into the kitchen, who began to run a list of foods for her.

Conor looked on out into the air.

He had a hunch, but he didn’t want to act on it. If what he thought was right, then he had saved her from more than being sold. He had saved her innocence.

Looking at her, over the bar, as she spoke to Berach, he knew that his hunch was right. Though she had seen plenty, she was indeed innocent. The edges of her pretty violet eyes held a darkness that spoke loud enough.  She may hold her virtue, but only physically. He could tell her mind was full of scared thoughts. Always looking behind her, like she thought someone would come after her. She’s seen so much, his first instinct is to protect her.

As if sensing his eyes on her, she turned just enough to look at him, and she blushed when she saw him looking at her.

Conor felt a shimmer of concern through his link with Berach. ‘What is it?’

‘As soon as she it eating, we must talk.’ He kept it short, but enough to alarm Conor.

As Delilah opened a cabinet, he saw her face light up when she saw a small can up in the top. When she went to reach for it, she wasn’t tall enough, she barley reached half way up.

Moving before he thought, he was beside her in a second. He easily reached up and got the can that she wanted so much.  He realized it was a can of peaches. What he felt was something short of amazment.

“Oh, Thank you!” She grasped the can when it came into her reach. “These are my favorite! I only tasted them once, but I love them!”

Her admission was like a sock to the gut, the girl didn’t know what she had just admitted. Trying not to show his feelings, he got a can opener and took the can from her.

“How do you have any?” She asked as she waited for him to open it. Impatience was written on her face, but she waited patiently.

“I have a friend that knows a few farmers, they had some left over fruit and I wanted some.” He said and handed her the can.

She took the fifteen ounce can and put it to her lips and drank the juice from the can like it was a way to save her life. When she had drained the juices, she looked up at him.

“Do you have a fork or spoon?”

He nodded and opened a drawer and handed her a fork. She took it eagerly and dug into the fruit.

The girl was eating the fruit like she would never have it ever again. He had heard The Devil’s Corner wasn’t exactly mindful of the women, but he didn’t think it was this bad. She probably had been feed the bare minimum, her being a young and alone vampire didn’t help at all either. Blood is mandatory, he knew that much. And by how she attacked the bouncers told him that they didn’t feed her nearly enough. It tore at his heart to see such a beautiful little thing be so neglected. He needed to get her out of the states before they began to really look for her, she would be on the top of every bounty hunter’s list by midday.

Berach sat down beside him and nodded, knowing Conor wished to talk to her about leaving for the docks, which would have the ferry there in 15 minutes.

“Delilah, there is something that you must know.”

She looked at him, but kept eating, her eyes silently saying that she was listening.

“I didn’t save you because I could. I saved you because-,” great, perfect timing to get a conscious.

She stopped eating and looked at him with barley contained suspicion. “Because?”

“Because . . .I was told by one of my family. They heard that a vampire would be sold at The Devil’s Corner and they wanted to help. But also because we have a grand house and we are in need of a house keeper.”

‘Oh. Dear. Gods. I did not just say that! Please tell me I didn’t just say that.’ He mentally threw to Berach.

‘You didn’t just say that.’ The sarcasm wasn’t hid from him as the wolf responded. He was trying hard not to laugh, but Conor could hear the very small catch in his voice, he was laughing.

“So you need another slave-.”

Berach growled as she talked and she gasped and jumped.

“Delilah, do not, by any means, compare us to your Master. We didn’t buy you, we haven’t done anything to harm you. We offer you a place to be safe, not another place to be afraid of.”

She looked stricken as Berach berated her. Conor nearly snapped at him, his clenched together as he turned to his wolf to bark at his sudden outburst.

“Y-you’re right.” He voice was shaky as she spoke. “I’m sorry, you have been very kind to me. I just. . .,” she looked down at her feet as she spoke and he wanted to throw Berach.

Being gentle, he used his left hand and cupped her chin. As he raised her head, he saw tears pooling in her eyes. She barley contained them and he could tell she was sincerely sorry for accusing them. Again, he could strangle Berach.

“Excuse his words. Him and me, just like you, have had bad experiences with such places. We have history just like you, and we help those who wish to be helped.” He saw a small drip of juice beside her mouth and used his thump to wipe it away. Not allowing her very tempting lips to distract him, he looked back at her eyes.

The tears were gone, in their place was confusion.  

“I offer a place for you to stay, there others there. They will help you. Many of them we saved just like you.” He wanted to sooth her worries, even if he was lying.

“I apologize for my out burst, little one.” Berach spoke hesitantly, knowing if he spoke to fast he would startle her again. He nuzzled her left hand, that hung down, and he lightly licked her palm.

Conor let go of her chin and took a step back, she knelt down beside Berach and the wolf began to lick her in the earnest. She giggled as he covered her face.

“Where will we be going?” She asked, as she petted his coat.

“North, towards Europe.” He didn’t hesitate to answer her question, she had a right to know where she was going. Though it was a lie she was going to his home.

“Really?” She seemed excited to go. But when she began to think about it, she looked confused. “Would you happen to know a Nevan Ronan?”

Conor felt shock bound through him. How could she know him? His commander swore she had never met him?  Told him that she wouldn’t know anything about the Order.

“No, but I’ve heard about him. Isn’t he a man that lives in Ireland?” Acting the confused one, his brow quirked.

“He said he lived in Ireland.” She looked away thinking. “Said that I would be saved sometime soon. But he said it like it wasn’t a good thing.”

Conor felt rage rear it head and his fists clenched. Commander dared test him like this; he was more than happy to oblige him. He wanted to play cat-and-mouse, he was game.

‘He was trying to toy with her.’ Bearch spoke to him as he licked Delilah. ‘He wanted her to be hesitant and not trust us.’

‘And he wants to make it harder for me. Well, he has a big surprise right now. As soon as we reach Ireland, we’ll leave her with my sister and then we’ll go to HQ.’

Berach sent him a questioning look, but agreed. They needed to get rid of her and quick. She was suspicious and she would become a problem soon if they didn’t hurry.

“I don’t know him. He was probably coming on behalf of my family.” He said, light hearted.

“Oh, okay.” She looked up at him. “When will we leave? It’ll be dawn soon.”

“I know, but the problem is we need to take the next ferry up north and it’s docking in ten minutes.” He sighed. “I have a thick blanket to cover you, but we must take this ferry.”

“That’s okay, I expected there to be one soon. Just not this soon.” She stood and began to finish eating her peaches.

“Good, I’ll go get the blanket and you finish eating.” He spun on his heels and was half way out of the kitchen when her hand found the back of his shirt, tugging on it.

The girl continued to shock him, she moved silently. He hadn’t heard her. He looked at her and her cheeks became a bright red under his gaze.

“Ah-um,” she seemed to choke on her words and he turned around to face her, her hand fell away and he wanted her to put it back, but some where else.

He leaned down and put his face so close to her, his breaths stirred her bangs.

She looked up at him like she thought he was going to eat her.

He smiled at the thought, she did look edible. “What is it, Aingeal?” The endearment shot from his mouth before he could think.

“Um, I just wanted to . . .thank you, Conor.” She gulped. “For saving me.”

He didn’t know what pushed him, he leaned down lower and used his hand and cupped her chin to hold her in place. He skimmed his lips along her jaw, from her chin to her ear.

He felt her delicious shiver and her involuntary gasp. He smiled, at least he wasn’t the only one affected by the other. A spark shot between them when he went to her ear, causing her to jump and him to hold his breath.

A spark of pure lust. He had felt the need before, but never like this. He had kept the front of his pants covered by his shirt, but he was so close to her that sight wasn’t the problem. And he was half worried that it would scare her.

He expected her to pull away from him, but as she tilted her head to give him access to her throat, his thought was proven wrong.

A possessive growl wrung form his throat shocked even him as he wrapped an arm around her waist and brought her up to him. With her throat so open, he couldn’t resist.

His kisses were light, putting her fears above himself, he didn’t push her. He knew that she wasn’t acting with her mind, but with her body. She wouldn’t be so offering if that spark hadn’t ignited. And he was pleased if only he had a taste of her.

His tongue slithered down the column of her neck and he groaned. She smelled of peaches, and tasted of desire. Of sex. If he continued he wouldn’t be able to stop.

‘Conor.’ Berach’s voice was distant, but it was loud enough to get his attention. And to stop him when he would have kept going.

He looked sideways from her neck at the angel in his arms and saw her looking back. The need in her eyes wasn’t to be denied, but fear was there, too. He wouldn’t act now, but soon. He would have her, he would taste her. He would ravish her, but not now.

Bending down to her ear, he kissed the shell. Her groan was delicate, like she was afraid to show she was reacting. He would correct that, he would show her that she shouldn’t be afraid to show passion.

“Consider this my welcome, Aingeal.” He kissed her throat one more time, lingering enough to commit her smell to memory and he softly placed her squarely on her feet and he left to get the blanket.

The End

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