The Danger ZoneMature

Not caring if anyone would see them, Conor sprang across the slippery road, fresh from a recent rain.

New York, being one of the last big cities still standing, it’s huge. But what made it a great popular place was that it was one of the few places it actually rained. The rest of the US or what is now the United Union is in a permanent sate of dismay and acid rain is the only precipitation that the world has to give. Only places that have actual rain are those that are close to an ocean, sea, or some sort of water source. That’s hard considering the humans had drained many fresh water lakes and even aquifers. It’s like they did everything in their plans to screw themselves over and cause their race to die out. Most Old Civilians found the humans guilty of being reason why they are dying out so quick. They were right, to a degree.

The missy in his arms stayed quietly asleep as he ran across streets and dodged people. He knew that the sun wouldn’t be up for sometime, but she isn’t exactly easy to hide. The girl’s stunning beauty surprised even him, when he has slept with nymphs and elves. And surely that auction-man would call the police to find her, or worse the Theron, if they found out that it was a vampire on the lose.

Conor grimaced as the fresh memories came to the front of his mind.  Pushing them away as best he could, he felt water come up to his ankle and he realized he had stepped into a puddle.

Shaking his head, he pulled his mind from the past and to the present. Sirens were coming up from the street on his left and he picked up his feet as he ran into an alley.

Like most cities, they had been able hook up the smaller appliances like electricity with some rewiring and some very old chips. Since the EMP bombs pretty much totally fucked up the newest equipment and such, they had to resort to rewiring anything and trying to put together some rough chips until the people that work on the electricity come up for some suitable replacements. But even a city such as New York couldn’t light every single corner of the city. And the allies were the last on the long list of worries.

The path had no light, what little there was, was behind them and in front of them at the end of the ally.  But being a shifter had its advantages.

He may not be a vampire, with their eyes there’s no difference between day and night, but he could see pretty well. Taking no chances with the sirens coming closer, he picked up his pace and held Delilah closer. The girl made a small noise, but he couldn’t make himself care. If he didn’t get his ass moving they both would be at the mercy of humans, and they tend to not be too kind to him.

Stepping in another puddle, he propelled himself further down the alley.

His objective was to get to his safe house, which happen to be a bar that a good friend of his owned.

 Jared, a shifter as well, owned The Danger Zone. The name was sort of cheesy at first, but it turns out that the place became very popular.

The bar was just across the street and there was the roof entrance he could use and the cops couldn’t follow. There had been a law in place since the treaty between non-humans and humans: no human security or law enforcement can enter a non-human business without permission from the owner, and vise versa. There were actually several put in place, but he didn’t feel like mentally reciting the damn book.

But that law came in handy for those who were on the run, and wanting to hide from the humans. Like him.

He stopped at the corner of the alley; where it met the sidewalk, and looked out to his side, making sure to hold Delilah kind of sideways, onto the street.  

Sure enough, two motorcycles came around a bend and sped past them. The cycles were old, but they served as one of the best transportations right now.  But the cop’s motorcycles aren’t what made the siren. Which meant that the other ones were on another street or they were heading this way.

 He didn’t take any chances waiting; he sprang from his hiding place and into the road. He hit a couple people as he practically jumped across the road, but they just cursed and went on their way.

Going along the side of the bar’s left wall, he found the ladder and shifted Delilah to his shoulder and hung her over him there and started to climb the ladder.

Conor made the ladder in record time, then calling out his wolf, the animal jumped from his back and onto to the roof top. Passing the girl to the Wolf’s back, Conor quickly made the rest of the way up the roof and took Delilah from the wolf, who nodded his head as he ran ahead and undid the small latch on the door. Then he took hold on a small rope that was attached to the door handle and pulled until it opened wide enough for him.

Conor ran, just because there was a law doesn’t mean all the fucking cops paid it heed.

Telling the wolf to close the door, he double timed the stairs. The building was originally a three story apartment building, but Jared had all the walls smashed up, except for the third floor, and the rest became a bar. The first floor was the bar, the second was a Old Civilian only section, and the third was a housing section for those who need a place to stay. Usually it was full, which meant that it was a good thing that Conor always ad a room ready for him.

As he made the last step, the wolf made a small bark of warning as the wolf jumped into Conor’s back. The tattoo heated up sharply, but Conor was use to the burn.

The stairs were smack dab in the middle of the third floor. There were a total of 10 small apartments and 4 regular apartments. Conor owned one of the regular and he headed straight to it.

Not paying any attention to anything else, he quickly made his way to the furthest apartment in the right of the building.  Using one hand, he turned the door knob and opened the door.

Pushing past the door, he kicked it closed. He walked to the bed that was sitting in the far right corner and set the girl on the covers. It had been a good couple weeks since he’s been here and he was glad that Jared had cleaned up in here.

Letting the wolf out of him, he told him to watch her in case she woke up. He quickly turned back around and went out the door. Conor needed to check in with Jared and see when the next farie would be coming by and picking up.

As he made it to the second floor, he could already feel the bass of a song that was playing. Conor hurried down the stairs, but even his tense facal expression didn’t stop women from ogling him and trying to talk to him. When he got half way threw the dance floor, a women threw herself at him. Being a gentleman, he had no choice but to catch her. He smelled the alcohol on her breath and he put her down. He didn’t bother talking to her, she wouldn’t remember it anyway.

He saw the typical non-human behavior. A elf dancing with a ring of men freely jacking off around her. A female cat shifter was stuck in her half form and she rubbed against men and they rubbed back, until it wasn’t dancing, it was a threesome. And don’t get him started on the nymphs. They had an entire corner to themselves. Groans, roars and a choruses of ‘yes’s and ‘oh my gods’, in both male and female, came from said corner. It sickened him that a once very proud people turned into the very things they despised; mindless, cruel, and selfish people. However tempting it was, he didn’t need to cause attention to himself by yelling at them. Turning with his molars clenching, Conor continued to the first floor.

The Danger Zone was one of the best because it had music. Sometimes if a bar was lucky they would have a singer or dancers, but Jared had it all. The first floor had the dancers and the music; the second floor had the music and a huge dance floor.

Conor didn’t stop and chat with the few people he knew, he had a mission and they knew it. Which ment stay the hell away from him until he got it done, if he wanted to talk to you he would come to you first.

Like always, Jared was manning the bar and tending to the people. He always did like the job, though he did own the place.

“Jared.” Conor had to yell above the loud music for Jared to hear him, but that was all it took.

Jared looked over at him and smiled. The shifter is 32, and he’s very well in shape. Standing at 6 ft 3’ inches and a inch of girth more than Conor, Jared stood two inches shorter than Conor and one the few men that could, and would, stand up to Conor. Jared wasn’t scared of Conor and he respected the man for it. He’s a jaguar shifter, originally from the South American rain forests. His tawny hair and green eyes inherited from his jaguar ancestors and his companion. Also, like many shifter a few of his features his animal had given him. His eyes had a sort of diamond look and his teeth were pointed at the canine, not as much as a vampire but enough to do harm.   

 Turning to one of the bar tenders, Jessie, a brown haired, blue eyed nymph, Jared told him to stay there until he got back.

Making his way through the few people that worked behind the bar, Jared motioned for them to go to a room that had an Employees Only sign on it.  

Conor obeyed and opened the door and went through as Jared followed close.

The room had black leather couches along the back and right walls and a small refrigerator in the corner that held drinks. The walls were a dark green and lamps hung from the walls to light up the room. A small wood table sat between the two main couches in the corner. The room was sort of bland, but it wasn’t ment for entertaining. It was a break room.

“Water or Beer?” Jared asked as he walked to the small cooling device.

“Water, you know I can’t have beer.” Conor joked as Jared threw a bottle of water to him and he caught it smoothly, Jared took a beer for himself and closed the fridge.

“Never stopped you before, but I guess since you’re on a mission you have to say sober.” Jared walked over and motioned for him to sit down.

Raised by his father, he was taught to always wait for your host to sit then you sit. It was very disrespectful to sit down before your host.  Taking the cap off the bottle he gulped the contents and sighed in relief as he took the bottle from his lips. He hadn’t had anything to drink since he’s got here, hadn’t had the time.

“If I ask you how you got all this, will you ever tell me?” Conor asked as he smiled over at his friend.

“Nope, but what I can tell you is that what you see took years of planning, and a few more to get it in place. The Blitz sure helped though.” He laughed to himself as he took a drink of his beer.

Jared was one of the few non-humans that had lived with the humans before the EMP Blitz. He worked as a bar tender for a few years before the wars. He had become good friends with the owner and persuaded that poor man to put Jared in his will for the bar. Well, Jared had been planning to kill him, but the blitz did it for him. How you figure that? The gods were with him the whole time.

 “Yeah, well since you’re a friend I guess I’ll let you off the hook.” Conor smiled at Jared as he laughed.

Conor had a rep among the Old Civilians and he preferred to keep it. No body fucked with him, no body. He may be a kid in their eyes, but he could kill just about anyone. And they all knew it.

“So why are you here, Conor?” Jared asked as he took another drink of his beer and sighed from the cool liquid.

“I have my objective.” He stated.

“What-” He coughed as the beer got caught in his throat. “You have it? I thought you were suppose to kill someone, not kidnap someone!” His eyes were huge circles of interest that Conor had to laugh. Jared belied that kidnapping was wrong, while killing was ok, that man had some fucked up priorities.

“Calm down, Jar.” He smiled and finished off his water. Putting the cap back on it, he threw it across the room and into the trash can. “I didn’t kidnap her, I saved her.”

“Her!” He almost choked again.

He also believed that women were treasures. Like the rules of old, it stated: Men were warriors, women treasure; protect these treasures with you’re life or you’ll suffer for eternity. Straight to the point. Their ancestors were very animalistic people, but their rules were honored.

“Godsdamn, Conor! What have you done?” He asked edging closer, his ever curious friend.

“I had been assigned to get a girl. Just turned 18 and has spent the past 6 years in a whore house. No mother, no father, no family.” He looked up at Jared as he said the most important piece of info. “She’s a vampire.”

“Vampire! I thought they had nearly died out, expect for the vampire Covey in Russia.” He said as he leaned back against the couch and then shot back up. “What are you to do with her?”

“I am to bring her unharmed to main HQ.” Conor said as he kept his face impassive. No one can know that he was already starting to care for the girl, especially Jared.

“In Ireland? Whoo, boy, you are climbing fast. Next thing you know, you’ll be dining with Diomedes.” He joked, but Conor tried not to flinch.

Diomedes was one of the top in The Order. He was a human, but he might as well be a vampire. He had no feelings. No caring nature. He was hard as stone, cared only about his next objective. He was down right scary and commanded the most respect from everyone. If you didn’t like him, then you better stay away from him.

“I’d rather not.” Conor said as he looked at his watch, it’s an old pocket watch but it was one of the few devices that survived the EMP bombs. “I have to get going. Do you know when the next farie will be coming by the docks?”

“The next will be at dawn, five minutes till dawn actually.” Jared stood and Conor followed example. Again, it was disrespectful not to. “I think they’re trying to keep the vampires away.” Jared laughed at his own joke.

“Thank you, Jar.” Conor said smiling, as he walked to the door.

“Next time give me a little warning and I’ll have a room set up for us. We’ll Celebrate you’re success in The Order.” Conor didn’t have to turn around to know that Jared was smiling.

Just like every other non-human, Jared hated The Order. Conor couldn’t blame him; The Order had killed his family. Like so many others. And he had helped; those sins would always lay on his soul. His burden to carry.

“I’m not your enemy, Jared.” Conor turned around and faced him. Seeing his grim eyes and hard features, Conor knew he was remembering that fateful night.

“I know you’re not, Conor.” He smiled as he returned to the present, but unlike the other smiles, this smile held menace and promised retribution. “Just come and tell me when you’re ready to kill those bastards. I’ll be the first to accept the opportunity.” Jared turned away and went to the fridge.

Conor knew when he wasn’t wanted and he walked through the door. He had to see if Delilah was okay and if she could travel to the docks in an hour.

Hurrying up to his room, he wanted to get out of here as soon as he could.

Something was gonna go down and he didn’t want to be around when it did.

The End

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