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Delilah- a delicate, vampire who has lost every moment of her past. Conor- the shifter come to imprison her and send her to her death.

The Damsel and The Warrior  (ch. 1 & 2)

The sound of the hushed voices in the foyer wasn't helping her situation at all. She had expected maybe only a few like 5 or 10 but by the sound of those out there, there was way more than she had hoped for. And that was horrible. The backstage was busy as people tried to ready everyone and dress the prisoners who were meant to showed off  and bid upon. Only the humans were roaming around and the other creature were tied up and getting ready.
     "All right my little pets. Almost time for the show."  The Master said as he walked out from behind the door of his private office. He was a slim man, not many humans were as plump as there were ten years ago. He stood well over her and had only a face full of hair, the top his head was bald. But that only gave more to his evil look. His eyes were sharp and alert as he looked over the many other creatures that were tied, chained, and caged in the room.
     Delilah curled in closer on herself in an effort to make her look smaller so he wouldn't notice her. But just her luck that he would see her just because she moved.
In brisk, sure steps he walked over to her and squatted down so she was under his body.
     Unlike some of the other men and girls here, she was kept in chains. Some were weak enough to be tied and some were to strong and were kept in cages, but she was weakened enough to be chained. Having blood only once every few days will do that to her kind.
    "Are you ready for your first showing, darling? It'll probably be your last since your kind don't last long here, but nevertheless it will be exciting. You are only the third vamp to come in these halls and you won't be the last to go." His voice was teasing, light. Unusual for the Master, but then again this is one of the best times for him. Then all the happiness drained from his face and he became serious. "If you fuck this up for me I will use you and then dump you on the streets where I found you. Remember what you were taught. Tease them, show a bit of skin, and some dark side. You are too sweet and they won't buy a weak woman."
He raised up and then walked to the other women and a few other men.
     A shiver passed through Delilah as she settled down and wrapped her arms around herself.  She hated that man. He thought she should be grateful for him saving her from a life on the streets. But she would a like as a slave than spending the past 4 years here in a hell hole.
     Four years in a whore house will nearly kill someone. Women were bought and sold; some kept here to be used to allure men. The men were used in heavy lifting and only a few that were beautiful enough were sold.
     This place rotted souls and corrupted good people. A girl that was here before Delilah was found, a sweet and kind girl, was now a regular whore. Sold for pleasure and defiled by all.
     Delilah was merely 15 when the Mater had found her. Curled up underneath a porch step, no memories of her past and no hope for the future. Then he had seemed like an angel come to save her, but as she saw what he did she began to despise him. He saved her from being sold sooner because she would bring in more money when she was more grown and The Devil's Corner would get a bad rep for having a child here.
    "Delilah, honey, it'll be okay." Rose, a beautiful human/nymph, said as she sat closer to Delilah. She was one of the few that were bound by rope.
She looked at the beautiful women and smiled. Rose had been sort of a mother figure since she's been here. She wasn't a whore simply because she was a nymph and was seen as more sold. Rose was special, unlike other nymphs she didn't need sex to survive, the human part of her saved her from being just another whore in a dirty little corner.
     "Rose, I hope you get taken by someone who will honor you. You deserve nothing better."  Delilah loved this women and hated to see her be taken by just another man eager to have another women to please him.
     "Oh, Delilah. It'll be okay. Don't worry about me, just about yourself. You have to be who you are inside."  She reached a hand out and pressed it to Delilah's chest, right over her heart. "Follow your heart. You have someone out there that will be good to you. Don't let this man's cruelty ruin you for someone else."
     Right on time, the crowd outside got quite and Delilah could hear The Master's footsteps as she walked out on stage. Some of his helpers, who women dressed in see through material, even then covering a little as possible, took a nymph women and stood her up. They took off her ropes and lead her to the middle of the stage.
                 "Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to your place of guilty pleasures." His voice dipped low into the hypnotizing pitch, catching everyone's attention. "Your place of fun. The place where any fantasy you can dream come true. We have a very special gift for you tonight and I know you will enjoy the little present I have for you. But for now let's start with something that will get your taste buds ringing."


 He obviously hadn’t explained how much he hated these places. He despised these places. Absolutely, hated this place with every fiber of his being.

Conor stood at the entrance of The Devil’s Corner, whore house, and he felt like puking. He had to prepare himself for what he was going to see and the memories it would revive. Such bad memories.

Shuddering, he walked in and was immediately greeted by two scantly dressed women. Gods, he hated this.

They purred things in his ears, petted his chest and rubbed against him. To most men that would turn them on. Him, it turned him off. He wasn’t even near aroused as he walked on. He wanted to toss the women off of him and run out of here, but his objective was here and he had to get her. He wouldn’t allow a whore house to be the reason why he had a blemish on his record.

His animal jumped up so viciously Conor had to stop and take a breath. The wolf snarled in anger and irritation, Conor knew he had to hurry up here.

He pushed pass the women and walked as fast as he could without causing a scene.

When he got somewhere semi private he consulted his wolf.

“You have to calm down; I know you don’t like it here. I don’t either.” He snarled as the wolf, hidden as a tattoo on his back.

Shifters like him, pure blood, sometimes had animals so strong that they sometimes can’t be contained simply by the shifters mind and reinforcements. Some had the animal as a constant companion, an animal next to them at all times, but on a short leash. But most, like him, had tattoo on some part of their body. The tattoo was of their animal but ancient writings around the animal tattoo, also in ink, allowed the animal and the human of him to be in harmony. The animal side could come out anytime he wanted, but when Conor needed to shift in his werewolf form he would have to be called back.

Do not speak to me like I’m a child, Conor. I know that we need to get the women and out of here undetected. But something about this place has me on edge. The wolf snapped at him with vigor he hadn’t seen since. . . . he so wasn’t going there.

“I’m sorry, I’m on edge too. I haven’t been in one of these places since the accident.” He apologized and wished he had a beer.

Even though the world had gone through hell and was currently setting up resident in the hole, they still had alcohol, though you could only drink if you were 25.  It was good they had changed the age; cause then they’d be in trouble with drunken non-human and human children.

Conor, who was 23 considered anyone under 18 children. He had been around very few children growing up and he grew up fast, with the help of his wolf he grew up the right way and not on a crooked path, unlike so many he knew.  

I know, but you have to get the women. She’s the one in the Prophecy. The vampire. The wolf, who had explained it before, didn’t have to elaborate.

“You’ve said that a thousand times now.” He said to the animal, feeling as relaxed as he could at this point.

Good, then you won’t forget. The animal retreated until he was to be called. Conor straightened his shoulders and took a breath, preparing to enter the main foyer of The Devil’s Corner.

Pushing past the beaded drapes that marked the door way, he walked in the foyer.

Again, many women walked around scantly clothes and offering foods and drinks on treys they carried. Some women even going as far as to put some of the food down their bras and underwear, allowing the men to use their hands or mouth to get the out. Looking about, he saw a few men and women walking up a stair case and then disappearing around the corner. ‘Probably going to service the men,’ Conor thought and he felt bile rise in his throat.

There was a small area, right in front of a stage, where the buyers took a seat and waited for the show. He made a bee line for the seats, avoiding the women who rubbed, petted, cooed, and offered food and drinks.

Sending a prayer to the gods, he sat down and sighed. Wishing The Order had chosen someone else. He could be hunting down some Theron. Killing some feral vampires or capturing some wild shifters, those who have lost their minds.

But of course, The Order had chosen him to take this job, probably because of his history with women, was the reason why he was first chosen. The Order of the Cian, which was Gaelic for “ancient”, hired him. They were a purely human faction, but they hire many non-humans. Pay them for their work and even pay some for their silence. They get their support from humans, because they take the less dangerous path to taking care of non-humans they say. When in all truth, they are one of the worst. The only ones that beat them are The Theron. Don’t ask him why The Order chose the name, they just did. The main leaders claimed to know about the Old Civilians even before the shields fell down. Which would explain the name, a little bit?

He didn’t like his employer, but it was a job. He needed as much money as he could get. Because he wasn’t just supplying for himself, he had family up in Ireland, his home land. And he visited there every other week. In fact, Ireland was where he had to take his package, the main HQ for The Order of the Cian was up there and it was highly convenient it was up there.

His family, or what was left, was his sister, Julia, her husband, Sergius, their daughter, Anya, and his father, Joshua. His dad was just over 40 and he still in his top shape, he was able to protect them. His sister was a shifter as well, but she and her wolf were more of the motherly, not the fighter type. Her husband, surprisingly was a also a wolf shifter from Antarctica. They had been married for 5 years, the shields had brought them together when they fell and he had to go search for help for his dying tribe, who were being hunted by humans. Their daughter, his niece, was just over 4 years old. She was just starting to get a hold of her animal and she would constantly run around their house with her animal following close behind yelling at her to come back. She loved to tease her animal. She loved to run with Conor, when he visited that was one thing he always did. He would run the highlands, just to feel his home’s land welcome him. His niece almost always went with him, she loved to run.

All thoughts of his niece and family disappeared as the lights dimmed and the rest of the men and women sat down.

Curtains rose up and a man came out. He wore a suit, something very little men have these days. He wore a top hat that made the man, who was about 5 11’ seem a little taller. He had a mustache and he had a huge smile. He seemed glad to have his job, sick. He had a medium build, he didn’t seem to care about his body’s looks, but he would seem to be an okay man women would like.

“Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to your place of guilty pleasures!” He rubbed his hand mischievously, he knew how get people excited and he was good at it. “Your place of fun. The place where any fantasy you can dream comes true. We have a very special treat for you tonight and I know you will enjoy the little present I have for you. But for now let’s start with something that will get your taste buds ringing.”

Applause went up as he bowed and the curtains pulled away. In the middle of the stage stood a woman. She was a nymph, he could tell just by her body. Her body was made for sex, like many nymph women. Her breasts were covered; they were the ideal size for any man, not to big, not to small. A C cup at least. Her body was curved, her waist small and her hips wide. She had only two scraps of cloth. One covering her breast and the other was a triangle over her mons. Showing plenty of her thighs lean and long legs. He swore men were drooling.

Him: he was barley affected. He didn’t care much for what women offered, hadn’t been for sometime. He hadn’t found his mate, but he will wait for her. Sure, he was kid once and hooked up with a few women, but that quickly left. He had gotten past that stage without a regret.

The women had long black flowing hair; her eyes were bright green, like a siren. She walked up, more like strutted up to the top-hat man, and leaned against him, on his right side. She put her left leg up and rubbed it up and down his thigh.

The man was obviously use to the women’s tease and he continued to talk. “Emery is one of our very best. Barley over 22, she is the best at what she does. She knows how to bring you to your knees in pleasure. She can have screaming with just her mouth. And her body is absolutely delectable.” He drawled on the word.

As he finished his last sentence she walked forward and looked among the men in the crowd.  When she spotted him, she tried not to show her surprise. Apparently it wasn’t customary that a shifter would show up to an auction. She swept past him with her eyes and found a man sitting right in front of him.

She started down the stairs on the side of stage and went straight to the man.

“Seems she’s found prey already.” A laugh went up in the crowd and she strutted to the man and when he smiled she acted like was gonna bend over to him, she spun and landed right in Conor’s lap.

Bile rose sharply and he gulped.

“Act.” She smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck. She smiled flirtatiously and draped her legs on the arm of his seat.

The bile returned, but he put an arm around her back and put a hand on her thigh. A whistle went up some where and then the others laugh.

“The bid starts at 100, any takers?” He yelled and they started to raise their arms to raise the amount. He paid no attention to the amount.

“Why are you here, Shifter?” She used her nails and outlined his eyebrow. She knew he wasn’t aroused, but she kept acting.

“I’m looking for someone. She’s a vampire. Someone said that they would be selling her today. Are they?” He gritted as he felt like throwing her off him. His wolf growled and he almost felt like growling himself.

“Sold! To the man in the white suit!” The man announced and the nymph jumped.

“Damn.” She cursed and she turned to look at the man who had bought her. Turning to him she quickly said, “Yes, she is being sold. But you might want to save your money. She’s crazy, only when they started to keep her from feeding did she calm down. She attacked every man around her. Besides the master, and that’s because she’s scared of him.” She stood and slid a hand on his shirt. Dressed in black slacks and a black button up, he wasn’t overly dressed. But underneath the clothing he had armor. “See you later, cowboy.”

She hurried to the man who had bought her and practically threw herself at the man. He caught her and they left after he gave the auction-man the amount he promised in cash.

After that it went all smooth. A nymph, then a shifter, then another nymph and even a nymph/human hybrid went up for sale.

He didn’t raise one hand, though he was tempted to buy the shifter. When he found out the man was a werebear, he thought better of it. He may have big pockets, but what would he do with a male bear shifter?

          That was when he drew the curtains closed and the man stepped up. “Now, she is lovely. She is wicked. Her teeth as sharp as her appetite. She will love to take a bite out of you. But for your own safety we have her tied at all times. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the beautiful Delilah.”

          As the curtains parted two women had a hold of a rope and their ends had been tied around their hands. And if this vampire is as wild as he says, that could get them killed.

As they both nodded to each other they pulled on the rope and from the darkness stumbled a girl.

          The girl regained her balance as she stood, but kept her eyes closed.

His heart constricted as he saw her. She had a white cloth about her. It wasn’t baggy, but it wasn’t tight either. It showed off her narrow waist and full breasts. But what stunned him the most was her face.

Her eyes had a sort of royal look. Her cheek bones high, but a little bit sharp. From not feeding her right? Probably. Her lips were full and had some sort of glitter on them. Her eyes remained closed, until the man said something and she looked out.

He had to stop himself from gasping. Her eyes shined like amethysts. A dark purple that made him realized they called her Delilah because of her eyes. They held pain, a sorrow, which he understood. Her eyes also showed pride and her refusal to break.

He understood now. She wasn’t crazy. She was completely sane, she just wanted to escape. Just like him when. . .

“She is feisty as you can see.” He stepped close and took a whip out from his shirt and slung it out not but two inches from her face.

Not flinching, she hissed at him and pulled at the ropes, which were tied at her throat and hands. The two women had separate ropes, leaving Delilah no room to move without being tugged the other way.

He unconsciously moved to her, shifting forward in his seat, and her head snapped to him. As she took him in, a sort of hope came to her eyes. Her mouth slightly opened and she watched him as he stood up straight, like she had never seen anyone like him.

As she looked him up, they both caught each other’s eyes.

It was like drifting in oblivion and not caring where you went. All that mattered was that they kept staring at each other and never looked away. It was like a vision. Like-

Suddenly their eyes lost contact and he was out of the trance.

Looking back up, seeking her eyes again and to see why she had turned away. He realized the man had stepped up and grabbed her chin and turned her head to him.

She eyed him with hatred and fire; it was amazing that he didn’t back away. When he began to talk, so low even he couldn’t hear, she spat on his face.

The man became beat red and she smiled. Taking advantage she bent her head and grabbed the auction man by the wrist, sinking her teeth straight into his flesh.

He yelled and backed away.

Delilah smiled with vengeance and she bent her head and took hold of the rope with her teeth, which was around her neck, she bit the rope and used her hands and ripped it in half. The two women screamed as she tore at the ropes. They ran down the stage’s stairs and out of the doors to the entrance.

That’s when the patrons began to yell and run. They ran out of the ails and through the entrance, scared of the vampire.

Doing the exact opposite, he ran up to the girl. Who was being manhandled by two strong men, bouncers.

She twisted with grace of a dancer and she dodged the men’s arms. They didn’t want to harm her and that might have just saved their lives. He would have stepped in if it didn’t look like she could handle them.

She spun and landed right behind one of the men and jumped on the man’s back . Hooking her left arm under his chin, she bent his head back and went right for the jugular .It was then he realized she was acting on instinct, she was on shut down.

Her eyes didn’t hold the same emotion they did only a minute ago and she didn’t care about nothing but the blood she was tasting. A true blood haze.

Poor lass, he thought as he stepped to interfere on the men’s behalf, scared what she would do to them.

But when the other man grabs a bit of her hair she reeled and turns to him. Throwing herself from the man she was drinking, she landed on the other man’s chest and bit into the soft skin between the shoulder and neck.

When the bouncer went to his knees, she stumbled backwards from the men. Leaping up the stage, he caught her as she fell back.

When she felt his hands on her, she tensed but when she saw him she relaxed.

“I’m . . . . sorry.” She slurred and tried not to close her eyes.

She was exhausted, as was expected. Though she had gotten blood, her body was gonna take a few hours to regenerate. But already her skin wasn’t as pale as it was.

“It’s all right, lassie.” He bent down and lifted her up by putting his arms under her shoulders and knees. “I’ve got you, rest. You need it.”

He walked as fast as he could without jostling her to much. They had to get out of here before NYPD showed up.

As he walked, she nodded off and he caught a faint, but clear, “Thank you,” as she fell asleep in his arms.

Sirens off in the distance told him to hurry up and he didn’t waste any time.

The End

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