It's not what I would normally call a good day. I woke up with a killer headache to hear my parents yelling at my brother for something else he'd done wrong. Shut up. Please. I want to sleep. Then the alarm goes off just as I'm dropping off, which means I have to get up or I will be late to class.

Several boring lessons and a friend fall-out later, and it's the last class. That's it. I will make a show of caring for the next hour and a half and then I'll be free. I feel the need to go and indulge myself shopping or whatever. I need an outlet for all this annoyance at this crappy day.

"I'm Mari. And you?" A voice on my right spoke, and I turned to see a skinny girl smiling at me nervously.

"Natalee." I instantly regretted the harsh tone my voice had taken, and I saw her smile drop a little when she felt the rebuke. "Sorry, bit of a &#!!* today, I guess. Not exactly my morning, you know."

"That sucks." She turned back to the front and for the rest of the lesson payed no more attention to me than if I was a potted plant. Maybe I'd offended her.

As the bell rang I scraped back my chair and watched out of the corner of my eye as she followed suit. I decided to talk to her.

"So, what did you think of that?" She looked a little startled that I had spoken to her.


"You know, the class." I encouraged as we left the room surrounded by other students.

"Oh. I wasn't paying that much attention to be honest. Was it really interesting?"

"Don't know, I was hoping you'd been paying attention." I laughed. She grinned. "So I'll catch you later then?"

She nodded and I smiled before marching off down the corridor.

The End

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