Angles of an AngelMature

First LGBT piece I've ever written. There ya go.

I ducked my head down as I pulled my binder out of my backpack. Last class of the morning, only an hour and a half. I could do this.

And then she walked through the door.

I could tell she was an angel the first time I saw her. I didn't mean to stare; it just happened. She was such a beautiful girl that I couldn't help myself. Her honey brown ponytail fell to her waist. She's not too fat, and not too thin, like me. Sharp blue eyes surveyed the room and flickered over me. I felt a twinge of pride since I didn't stare at her perfectly round breasts nor let my gaze linger too long on her hips, which blossomed gorgeously from her petite waist, nor her slight stomach, which completed her feminine form perfectly.

Looking back down, I replayed her walk in my mind. Her beautiful legs, sheathed in denim, not too short, not too thin, moved rhythmically, and petite feet stepped lightly across the tile. Her hips swung gently and I breathed in sharply. Closing my eyes, I forced myself to breathe. We were, after all, in class. I had to think about something other than her body for the whole hour and a half... For once, I stood a decent chance of failing a class.

As I slapped my binder down, I made the mistake of looking to my left. She'd sat down in the desk right next to mine. Shit. I had no chance at all. 

Glancing over, I couldn't help but notice her pale, plump, pretty face and light pink lips, which curled into a smirk. Pulling myself back into the present, I took a breath.

"I'm Mari. And you?"


God dammit. She was an Ice Queen. The three syllables shot from her lips as though she'd spat them out.  I could practically feel the wall behind her eyes and the force with which she twisted her hair around her finger nearly floored me. Her ice-blue eyes snapped back to me.

"Sorry, bit of a bitch today, I guess. Not exactly my morning, you know."

"That sucks."

I tried so hard not to let on exactly how beautiful I thought she was, and for most of the class period forced myself to stare straight ahead.

Natalee. What a name.

The End

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