Before our existence there was the Angelus. A powerful and noble species that spanned across the galaxy. However, nobility comes at a price and the Angelus are constanstly at war with themselves, divided in ability and fighting for power. But soon that will change. Within the ranks of the two sides, change is coming.

The loud knock on the door echoed through the room and shattered the silence. She moved away from the table slightly and looked up from under her veil. Her hand raised away from the table and beckoned silently to enter. The door creaked open, revealing a lone man, looking confused and lost, with a bundle of blankets in his arms.

A cackle erupted from her hidden lips, “Dymitri Airan, son of Elders! I was curious as to when your next visit would be!” Dymitri stepped into the near-black threshold, watching the small figure hunched over the table. Her hand extended to a small stool, an image of a closed eye on her hand, “Sit. Please.”

He perched himself on the edge of the stool, clinging to the blankets against his chest. A low chuckle sounded from the veil, “So, have you come for answers? Or questions?”

            “Which one are you willing to give?” His voice was harsh and cold.

            She raised her hands in surrender, “I only give you answers. It is the customer that makes the questions.”

            He immediately looked down at the baby sleeping within the blankets, watching her with worry, “Just tell me what will happen to her. Please.”

            The veil bobbed slightly, gesturing to the table. He sighed and rested the bundle on the table, resting his hand on the baby’s head. Her hand extended out over the child, and Dymitri cringed as the eye on her hand opened slowly. It hovered over the table and the woman sighed.


“She is a unique child, but you already knew this. She was unexpected, and her very birth marks a change. Like a phoenix, a new child is born from the death of another. The flames of death also give life.”

            Dymitri nodded, “My wife. We were ambushed at Airan Court by...them.”


He watched the Seer as she saw the past that was burnt into his memory. The apprentices were planning on negotiations to present to the Elders, to end the feud between themselves and the Ring of Fire, but the angels of fire wouldn’t listen. He tried to forget the anger that brought forward the black flames, and how another apprentice was screaming as he burnt to dust. The rest ran, including himself, but his wife pushed him through the door to safety and slammed it shut. Locked and barricaded, he couldn’t save her from the black flames that were powering through the corridor. There was no prayer. No scream. Just the shock and sadness that overwhelmed him until the final flash from outside signalled the fire had burnt itself out. He threw open the door, and there she was. The baby girl, lying in the robes of his wife. She didn’t cry, but she was awake. He watched her silently. And her violent green eyes stared back.


“The mother is at peace.” The Seer interrupted his flashback, “She is watching from the stars, waiting for you to join her.”

            Dymitri blinked away a tear, “And the baby?”

            The Seer’s hand repositioned itself above the baby’s head. “Like I said before, she is unique, a birth like hers has never occurred before. She has more knowledge than other children, already she has never felt the need to cry for attention. She doesn’t need it. Her future is set in stone and engraved into her very being, no one can change it.”

            Dymitri looked at her, “What is that supposed to mean?”

            “Her birth marks a change, and so does she. She shall know her heart and will follow it, and no one will be able to tell her to act otherwise. She will end the divisions between us, becoming the friend of one that burns like the sun.”

            Dymitri shot out of his seat, knocking the stool away as rage shone on his face, “A fire angel? Her mother was murdered by a fire angel, and you’re telling me that she will befriend one?”

            The Seer ignored the comment, lost in her vision, “She is gifted. There is a power within her that is unlike anything else known. She will be able to control that which cannot be controlled.”

            “No,” Dymitri shook his head, “Nothing big and special. No enemies. Just my daughter, safe and sound with me.”

            “Her future is so bright. She will find friendship, love, hate, fight and fall, before she rises to her ultimate power, and change us forever.” The Seer stood and straightened to her full height, the power of the truth echoing in her words, “She is the Alpha and the Omega. The end of this time, and the beginning of another.”

            “No!” Dymitri snatched her off the table, “That’s enough. She won’t be different, or unique, or undeniably powerful. She won’t befriend a fire angel, she won’t end the war, and she won’t change anything!”

            “Your anger is blinding you.” The Seer shook her head, “You cannot change destiny.”

            Dymitri leant across the table, his eyes burning with anger, power, and denial, “Watch me.” He pushed away from the table and stormed out of the door, slamming it behind him. The wind from the force blasted into the Seer and blew the veil away from her face. She stared into something that couldn’t be seen by anyone else, silent until her vision finished. She blinked at the end, a tear escaping her eye, “Then you will be the one to destroy her.”

The End

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