The Village's Invisible Barrier

"Hello! Excuse me! Can you hear me?" Elemiah yelled, waving her hands from side to side. She started jumping simultaneously to get the man's attention before he could depart. Fortunately, the man stood his ground. He kept staring at her with that glinting smile. At some point it was so empowering that Elemiah had doubts, but even though that crossed her mind, she walked up to the man.

Just as she was headed up, the man turned around to leave.

"Please, wait! I need to talk to you!" Elemiah started running faster up the steep rocky slope. Her fingers were getting scraped by the rugged edges of the rocks as she started to climb rapidly and her thighs got sore from the abrupt force she exerted on them. Her breathing went harsher but still she did not stop. She needed to find out who the man was and why he haunted her in her dreams. When the last hint of the mans silhouette disappeared from her sight, disappointment dominated her emotions.

"Please! Wait." Elemiah cried out one last time to her mystery man. Maybe it was her father. Maybe he was still alive and he came to see her after all those years. He was possibly afraid to confront her. She was not sure, but she had to find out.

When she climbed the top of the slope and got to her feet,  she got a glimpse of the figure and started following it once again in the forest that proceeded. Her panting got louder and her lungs were hurting from the strangling pressure. Her palpitating heart was beating briskly and to keep going she placed her right hand on her chest to ease the pain moving the leafed branched with her free hand.

A few minutes later, she reached an opening. She quickly jogged up to it and nearly fell off the cliff. The man disappeared completely. Emeliah looked down and saw nothing but the large boulders and the sea brushing against them. Had he jumped off? Or was it her imagination?

Emeliah stood there to think it through and as she went to turn around she noticed that there was a road. She pursued it and was taken to the bottom of the cliff ten minutes later. She found the man at the far end of the huge boulders that she had seen previously, balancing with utter confidence that he would not fall. Emeliah did not fear the consequences if she fell so she approached him.

"Excuse me. May it be okay if I ask you who you are?" Emeliah said out of breath. The man just turned around and smiled with invigoration. He raised his right hand up and motioned his index finger for her to come closer. She did as he said with caution; who knows? The man could have been a pedophile. Only a meters distance apart, she could see the sorrow in the man's eyes.

"What's wrong sir? Is everything okay?"

The man just stood there, tears running down and dripping off his cheeks. Emeliah extended her arm to the man and felt a static shock. What was going on?

"Can you at least tell me your name?"

Again the man did not answer. He simply looked away making Elemiah hit harder on the force field sending a strong electrical current through her body. 

"Ow!" Emeliah yelped. The strong compulsion made her weary. At first it affected her legs, but she thought it was from all the exercise she had done. Later, though, her entire body was getting feeble which made her collapse onto the floor. The stranger did not do anything. He was looking down at her with the broken expression he had from the moment she saw his complexion and he gradually vanished in thin air before her foggy eye-sight went black.

The End

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