Déjè Vu

Seventeen Years Later

Elemiah had the same dream again.

There were trees everywhere, the crying yelps of a man that echoed all over the horizon and another man's wicked grin of contentment. But the cries were making her sweat and shiver from the emotion of agony that the man had to endure. Her back was in pain although there was nothing on her back; it was white and clear from anything that could cause pain.

The other man with the grin on his face was what caught her curiosity. All her life, seeing that built man in her dreams she could never contemplate he's features with clarity; he was always in a blur. For some reason though, she had a peculiar vibe that she knew him.

Before the dream could ever come to its end, only one person would emerge comprehensibly. It was the man who was in pain. The hood that was covering his face had fallen off, letting her observe a young handsome man who was around his twenties with healthy blond hair and emerald green eyes; he was still handsome even with the expression he had on his idyllic countenance. 

Every time she would see him lying there without any help, undergoing a long and suffocating experience like that was what made her wake up repeatedly each morning with sweat that could fill a bathtub. 

"No! Please make it stop!" Elemiah shouted at the four walls in her room when she woke up. 

No one came in to check up on her. Who would, anyway? Her life of sleep was always mild from that dream and her family had already had a habit of hearing her in the morning. None, but one. Her grandfather would always enter her room with a smile and bring her breakfast to calm her down.

"Good morning, little lass. I hope I am not a burden?" He would always ask her that question. Reason had it that when he intruded once without asking she insulted him with every word that she could think of, mostly one's that did not exist. Elemiah felt guilty ever since and always put her head down in shame whenever she saw him.

"Its okay grandpa, you can come in." She said feebly.

"I hope today you will go to school, your teacher is very eager to see you today. She says you've not been there for quite some time." 

It was well known to all that school was not mandatory but Elemiah's grandfather would always like her to go. He seldom told her why and if he did it was a lame excuse. Usually she barely went, but since that day when she insulted him she could not refuse; she would mostly say she is going but never entered the building. She went to work at a part time job which she had not mentioned to him yet. 

"Okay, I'll go today just for you." She said, but the expression she made seemed as if she was brooding. Her grandfather picked up on that but let it go so as to not make her find a reason to get away with it. 

Unfortunately, he had forgotten that day was her  father's memorial. Elemiah would always ask the manager at her job if she could get the day off to go to her father's grave. Reluctantly, she decided to go to pick out some beautiful flowers from the village's meadow before the ocean, go to her father's grave and later go to school. She might have missed the first lesson, but she did not mind. Having some time with her father was more important for her than anything else.

"Okay, I'm leaving. See you later." Elemiah waved widely before her. Once she opened the door she gaped with excitement.

"Uncle Jake! What are you doing here?"

A man with short, jet black hair and dominant blue eyes was at the front of the door.

"I've come to visit. Don't tell me you have amnesia little sprout?" Brushing her with his knuckles. 

"I know that, but why have you come so early?" She said, trying to fix her hair as she let herself loose from his grip. 

"I had to... Aren't you suppose to be at school? Come on, skedaddle!"

Elemiah took her time cutting out the most perfect flowers she could find. White tulips were her favorite so she gathered plenty of those. When she finally accomplished that she looked at the weather and thought it was a wonderful day to go out to cool her feet and feel the sand in between her toes so she headed towards the coast before taking off.

As she reached her destination, she took off her shoes and ran to the shallow water, splashing the water around with her feet as she kicked the surface trying to avoid wetting her blue pleated skirt and white dress shirt. 

After a while, she noticed a man with shiny blond hair standing at a reasonable distance at some boulders at the edge of the coastline. He was staring at her with a bright smile. When she squinted to see him clearly, she realized she had seen him before. Focusing hard to see him properly she was left with her eyes open in shock, she dropped the flowers in her hands and stared astonished.

It was the man in her dreams.

The End

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