"Pipe down, it's not a good idea for them to know that we are here."

"Well, who is it then?" Keeping his voice as quiet as possible.

"It's the sherrif."

"But how can that be? He's the one that has banned us from coming here in the first place."

"Well, from the looks of things, he is hiding something from us and it must have to do with the man he is talking to."

They both stayed silent, trying to hear -- and if they could -- what they were saying. But when they started doing that, something strange happened.

The stranger, who was clothed with black, gave out a loud cry and the entire forest was illuminated more bright than before. The person was not a human rather than an angel.

The angel was furious with what the sherrif had said to him, but what was it that he had  said which caused the angel to react like that?

At that brief instant, the sherrif caught the angel's arm, keeping him down and pulled something sharp out of his hind pocket. Many said it was a myth but what the sherrif was holding in his hand had proved that it was a not a lie.

He was holding a dagger made out of stardustium metal, a very defined and shiny metal that could pierce even the flesh of a God.

Holding the angel down with his one arm and both legs, the sherrif turned the angel, facing down, slicing the angel's back to remove it's wings. The angel could do nothing but yell in agony till the procedure was done.

The master and Jake did not want to risk revealing themselves to the sherrif, the man looked as if he had lost his mind. Not to mention the fact that if he saw them, he would definately try to kill them both to hide the evidence. They could only stay there and wait.

After the terrifying screams and wails of the angel, the sherrif managed to take out both of the angel's wings. He took them and left the man to die. "Man," of course, because he had lost his wings and when an angel loses it's wings, they do not belong anywhere, not to the land, the skies, or Earth but if no human knows his identity, then he is referred to as a man. If not, they were condemned to die.

The master took pity on the angel and so decided to take care of him. He stood up and walked up to the angel in hand. Jake carried the angel so as to not tire his master; he was too old to handle that much. The sun had risen by the time they returned to the village so they did not have to hide from trouble as they did when they left.

Healing the "man," he could only stay patiently and see if he could recover.

The End

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