The man and Jake stood up simultaneously. They saw in the distance the light which they were trying to obtain for themselves.

"Master, do you really think what we are doing is right?" Jake asked in horror. His feelings never let him down when it came to danger and at that moment, something was not right.

"Stop wimping out you little scoundrel. I have been planning this for some time now, nothing is going to happen."

They were only a few paces away from "Lit Mountain." People called it by that name because it was the only mountain that glowed in the middle of the night. They believed that angels had come down to Earth to protect their village from the crisis that they had to suffer; the sherrif; an unkind man whome everyone despised.

Despite their beliefs, there had not been any sign of help from them. Taxes were accruing, nearly all the people were starving and gradually living in the streets. That was the reason Jake and his master set out to confront the angels and ask for their help instead, if they could manage.

The village was filled with desperate peasants. Anyone that passed by them would be brutally hurt and robbed from top to bottom. Jake and his master were slowly heading towards that type of poverty and they could not handle it, it was too difficult to bear. Already thay had been robbed ten times, if it happened again they would surely live in the streets with those people.

Inside the mountains now, they did not get any glimpse of what they were looking for and as they went deeper, the forest was getting thicker.

Tired after a while on foot, it seemed reasonable to have thought to bring provisions. None of them had thought of bringing food or water and they started getting restless. The light of the mountains was fading and there was still no sight of the angels.

"Please master, we have to turn back, we won't last any longer in this area. Look." Jake pointed to the furthest lit tree, "The trees are losing their light, we have to go."

"Shut up, I haven't come to listen to your whining, little brat."

The master was not at his best, especially with the need to find what he wanted and Jake was making it even harder for him. 

The moment the master turned to look at Jake, every lit tree and floor was covered in black. The mountain's light's had vanished. They both froze, listening closely as they scanned the area around them. Suddenly, a bright light -- more dominant than the mountain's -- appeared behind a huge rock which they were standing in front of. Squinting to see through the lights powerful shine, they saw two men standing face to face. It looked as if they were talking, but why in the mountains?

When the master realized who one of the men were, he held his breath from the sudden shock that conqured him.

"What is it master? Who is it?"

The End

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