Angel's Wings

A girl's dream is to be normal and to fit in with the other people around her. Unfortunately, that can not happen.
Elemiah does not know much of her life as she has been filled with secrecy and lies, but would the man she keeps on seeing on the rocks at the edge of the village's ocean reveal the truth about her family line, or would she find out all by her own of what she truely is and will become?

Seventeen Years Ago

It was in the middle of the night it happened. It was  silent and serene. The wind was blowing very lightly, just moving the leaves of the trees around the area.

The moon was not out that night. Every single thing was covered in pure darkness, blinding everyone, their eye's could not adjust to it. They had to carry torches to manage to lurk around the streets. But if they got caught, there was no turning back. They would be dead by the time help came on the way.

"Jake, make sure you don't do anything stupid. You got that?" The man's whisper was as loud as the wind, he had to nudge Jake's arm so he could understand what the man was saying to him. Then again, before they could go out into the streets, he had repeated himself ten thousand times. "And make sure you feel where you are going or else you could trip on something and make noise that will wake the neighborhood up."

Jake rolled his eyes - since he could not be seen - and continued his course. "Yeah, yeah, whatever you say master."

The man noticed that type of voice. "Don't mess with me boy or else next time I will clearly make that scrawny face of yours into a mutant. At least that would be of some use to me." 

Jake's cheeky face turned more serious as if death appeared before him to take away his life. Every time the man said something to offend him, it always got on his nerves.

They both continued in silence for the rest of the journey. When they felt an opening a few kilometers away, they noticed that at this point it meant that they had passed the borders of the village.

"Finally, we did it. Let's do what we came here for."

The End

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