Angels Playing DominosMature

Domino lived in Tazmania for most of his life. Up until last year, when he moved back to England. Now his little angel, Anita, is playing games with his mind - literally.

"Domino..." Anita growled. "My southern little devil, where are you hiding?" She tugged at the bed covers and looked under the bed. The cd player in the corner flicked on.

Her voice changed. "You know I'll find you." A shiver ran down my spine. It freaked me out when she put her words directly into my head.

I glanced through the gap in the wardrobe door again, just as she spun on the spot and stalked towards me. The doors flung open, and there she stood. Anita tugged her skirt straight.

"Oh, hey there Anita. Lovin' that skirt, who bought you that?" I smiled, a bit dazed from the sudden burst of light.

Her hands went to my waist just as the song changed, pulling me out of the wardrobe.

"My favourite song from this musical..." I trailed off, as I put my hands on her waist. 

"I don't know how to love him..." She sang softly, as we swayed on the spot. 

"You don't have to love him for him to love you." I whispered. She put her hands either side of my face, pressed her forehead to mine and closed her eyes.

"If he loves me, I love him." I shuddered as her voice filled my head.

"Kinda helps." I started, but got interupted with a pair of lips.

"Shut up."

The End

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