Angels in the darkness

Robin can see angels at night. They appear in her bedroom or in her back garden.

Robin opened her eyes, seeing the same darkness she had seen when they were closed. It was pitch black in her room; she couldn't even see her hand when she wiggled it in front of her eyes. She struggled to get out of bed, the dark so heavy it seemed to trap her to the mattress. She swung her legs out of bed and stood up, trailing her hands across the wall for the light switch. Her hands brushed over a wonky oak shelf nailed to her wall and faulted against a smooth silky box. She closed her fingers around it, trying to think what it could be. There was a small hinge at the back of cold to touch and Robin tried to lift the top off. It raised up, immediately letting out an eerie tinkle of music. Robin sighed. She knew exactly what it was. It was the jewellery box her Mother had given her before she had died. Robin bit her lip, snapping the lip down, cutting the music short.

"Why did you close it?"

An electric shock ran the length of Robin's spine and she wheeled around. Someone was standing at the end of her bed. It was an old man wearing a white robe which fell to the ground in a shimmering ruffle. The whole of him seemed to glow like he was threaded out of stars. He had the saddest eyes Robin had ever seen. They were a deep blue colour and full of tears that couldn't be shed. They seemed to take up the whole of his sagged and wrinkled face and Robin couldn't stop staring into them.

"Robin." The man said forlornly. Robin stared at him, pinching herself on the arm over and over again waiting for this dream to end. Of course she was dreaming, she just had to go along with it until she woke up.

The End

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