Angels in The Bookshop: Guard KittyMature

As the boys made their way inside, she made her way upwards, gracefully landing next to a stack of books on the uppermost shelf by the door. Connor entered first, stepping inside and blinking at the harsh smell of the aged paper. Murphy followed behind, coughing at the musk of the books. “Holy Hell Con! What's that smell?” Connor laughed and swallowed softly turning around and looking at his brother.

“Well we are in a bookshop Murph. Use your head.” At that phase she knocked the books off of the shelf, licking her paw as they struck Murphy on the top of his head. He fell to the floor with a thump, Connor's eyes wide as he looked up to see a white kitten curled up and apparently sleeping on the shelf. Connor rushed to his brother's side, kneeling down and checking his pulse.


“Come on ye git, wake up!” Connor gently tapped at Murphy's face to wake him, which finally occurred after a few minutes. The twins got to their feet, looking around for the source of their troubles. Murphy narrowed his eyes at the white cat sitting on the bookshelf by the door.


“Damn beast. I'll skin it and make a hat out of it!” Murphy growled in annoyance at the white sleek cat, who returned his growl with a yowl of her own. Connor and Murphy's eyes grew wide as the cat just kept yowling and yowling, the pitch climbing in octaves and in decimals with each passing minute. The boys took a collective step out of leaping range, their backs hitting into a sturdy bookshelf. The cat kept up the ruckus, mouth opened wide as she awaited the bookkeepers.


Melissa and Amy first caught the sound of Murphy collapsing in their store from the back room. With an exasperated sigh Amy shot Melissa a glare. “There goes your damn cat knocking over more books! I swear we clean up after her misjudged leaps more often than clumsy customers!”


“Izza is not a damn cat. She's a special little kitty who just happens to be completely adorable. Need I remind you that our first few customers wanted to buy her?” Melissa paused and drew in a shallow breath, unsure whether or not she should proceed with the next jab. She proceeded anyways. “Besides..I'm the one who cleans u-” She was cut off by the yowling.


Both girls looked to the door that leads to the shop. Surely someone had entered the store; otherwise such a terrible noise could only mean one thing. Hungry Kitty. Amy sent Melissa a stern look and headed to the store. “I just don't see why I can't have a dog if you can keep that damn cat around.” The noise got louder as they moved through the hallway.


“Oh Shush Up Izzie-bella! Mommy's coming!” Melissa's voice called from the doorway, Amy stopping just ahead of her, eyes trained on the McMannus brothers.


“Dear, it seems we have customers.” Amy smirked and walked over to the boys, carefully navigating her way around stacks of books. The shop held so many books, it overflowed. Some stacks of books were taller than both girls combined. When she finally stood about a foot from them she looked up into Murphy's face. “Can I help you gentlemen?”


Melissa smiled as Izzabella jumped down from her perch above the door and nimbly made her way over to Melissa's feet. The cat moved between her ankles and rubbed her head against Melissa's feet, making loud purring noises. Melissa reached a hand down and scratched behind her ears. “That's a good guard cat.”

The End

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