Angels in The Bookshop: What Were Their Names?Mature

“Melissa Hathoway to the rescue!” She bounded over to the boys, wrapping her arms around Murphy’s waist and pulling him towards her body. As she did this, both Murphy and Connor stopped fighting finally realizing Amy was trapped between them. Melissa leaned in towards Murphy's ear and whispered into it softly.


“As nice as you smell hun...I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't trap my friend Amy between you and your brother here. You see, just cause we're a bit short...well you get the point. For if any harm became her; I'd be obligated to kick some ass. Thank you and have a good night alright?” Melissa smiled and gave him a quick peck on his cheek before grabbing Amy's hand. Amy meanwhile couldn’t tear her eyes away from Connors. Oh joy, attraction.


“Come on Amy my dear, we've got a few hours left to get the paperwork done.” Finally Connor tore his eyes away from Amy's to find a smirk on Murphy's face. Amy and Melissa ran out of Maxwell's seemingly quickly. As they ran huge grins appeared on their faces.


“Thank god for hot boys” said Amy with a giggle breaking out of Melissa's grasp. Melissa grinned as she climbed into their car.


“Oooh I agree, thank god for hot boys who are multilingual. Smelled good too.” The girls giggled, feeling strangely energetic after their encounter with the twins. Their car sped back to the hotel; the streets of Boston seemingly empty that night.


The next week proved very productive to the book dealers, and very confusing to our favorite twins. While the girls moved out of Philadelphia, the boys pressed Rocco for details. Connor wanted to know who the short one with the haunting eyes was, while Murphy wanted the name of the girl who had the balls to get that close to him.


“Come on Roc, wrack that brain of yours! What are their names?” Murphy, Connor and Rocco sat around the bar at McGinty's and were drinking about ten beers between them. They wore their usual garb, jeans and shirts, nothing overly fancy, nor sloppy. Murphy and Connor leaned in towards Rocco as he tapped on his head.


“Mary?...No that's not ended in a eee though...Jamie? Fuck no...” Rocco looked up at them, his brown eyes begging slightly. “Sorry's this brain of mine....not worth fuck anymore...”With that he took another swig of his beer, groaning frustrated at how their names eluded him. For the next week the boys continued their routine, unable to get the two mystery girls off of their minds. Until one day fate gave them a break, allowing the boys to overhear some coworkers talking about a new shop that opened up.


“I swear the owners are so kind and helpful! Two young girls from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Mary I'm telling you their selection and knowledge about old books and preservation amaze me.” Murphy turned to Connor and grinned softly before approaching the two talking packaging workers.


“Mornin ladies, couldn't help but over hear ya...what might the name of that shop you've been talking about?” Mary smiled and looked over at Murphy, a hint of mirth in her eyes.


“Donahue's Rare Books.” she grinned and winked at him softly, the sarcasm rolling off her tongue. “Though I'm sure you must be quite the reader Murphy McMannus.” Mary grinned and chuckled softly, returning to idle chatter as Murphy walked over to his brother. Wrapping his arm over Connor's shoulders as Connor measured a piece of meat.


“Fancy going shopping for some rare books Connor?” Connor smiled a small smile and nudged Murphy in his ribs, chuckling softly.


“Aye, gems like those two are very rare indeed. I wonder what their asking price is.” The boys laughed and went about their jobs with gusto. They finished their shift at the packaging plant and went home to shower and change before heading down to the bookstore. They drove slowly, taking their time even though their hearts raced slightly in their chests.


 Finally they would see the women who haunted their minds for the past week and a half. The boys parked the car, gliding out and walking down the sidewalk smoothly. To passer-byes they seemed to move as one, perfect symmetry of movement. Finally they arrived at the storefront, a pair of green eyes watching them without being noticed.

The End

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