Angels in The Bookshop: McMannus SandwichMature

The girls dug into the food quickly. Amy and Melissa giggled and laughed as the reminisced their travels in Europe together, and their old friends in high school. Out of the corner of her eye Melissa watched the two men stagger across the street from the pub. They seemed to hang onto each other in some sort of drunken brotherhood. She smirked softly at her observation, her lips quirking into the beginnings of a smile. As they finished eating, Amy began looking around the restaurant for Rocco she frowned and gave Melissa a look.


“Seems our waiter abandoned us Mel.” Amy's face took on an unhappy look as she started fidgeting. Neither girl wished to eat dessert, but they needed to finalize a bit of the paperwork before returning to Philadelphia to collect their belongings. She leaned in across the table, lowering her voice and glancing over at the kitchen door.


“We don't have forever to wait for the damn bill. He's not going to get a good tip unless he comes out of that door very soon.” Melissa smiled softly and drained her cup of tea as she looked at the kitchen door.


“Why don't you head out to the car then? I'll take care of the bill, after all..” She paused, giving Amy a mischievous smile. “I'm excellent at persuasion.” The girls chuckled darkly and redressed for the cold, donning their warm coats and gloves. Melissa rose first and headed to the kitchen doorway. Amy headed towards the door of the restaurant, not knowing about the two men on the opposite side of the door. Pushing open the door and standing with her hand on her hip, Melissa tapped her foot and looked at a cringing Rocco.


“I'd appreciate it if my waiter would come around with the bill so my friend and I can be on our ways.” Melissa stood so the door to the kitchen remained open, exposing the innermost part of the restaurant. As she stood there, a smirk on her lips the cooks of the kitchen smacked Rocco with their spoons, ushering both him and Melissa out to the main dining room.


“Ow! Fuck-uh, duck! I said Duck!” Rocco coughed and made his way to the cash register, smiling nervously. Every so often his eyes shifted to the windows before widening and staring at the door. Melissa paid the bills, turning to leave she broke out into a peal of laughter seeing Amy blushing darkly. Not only did Amy's face resemble a tomato, but she somehow managed to wind up sandwiched between two very attractive looking men who couldn't see her. Yeah, Amy really was that short.


Connor and Murphy spent the better part of the afternoon at the pub. A few weeks ago when Rocco mentioned he would be looking for new ways to get money they'd been concerned about what he might get himself into. For the past few days the boys followed him discreetly, attempting to figure out whether or not their good friend had gotten in over his head in some heavy shit or something to that affect. The twins planned to surprise Rocco that night as they knew he took a job as a waiter.


So after a few rounds of drinks at the pub, they made their way across the street to Maxwell's, the restaurant that hired Rocco. Connor walked with his arm over Murphy's shoulder, and they chuckled at the scared look on Rocco's face as he looked out of the window. They finally came upon the entrance when Murphy turned to Connor and grinned.


“Are we just here to fuck with him, or are we going to eat as well?” Connor smiled and chuckled softly, peering over his shoulder at a pretty girl in a booth, grabbing her gloves. He licked his lips softly before returning his attention to Murphy.


“First, I need to bum a cig from ye.” Murphy screwed up his face and shook his head vehemently. He refused to let his brother borrow another cigarette from him after the latest fiasco. Earlier that morning Murphy lost a full pack to Connor's misplaced footfall. The cigarettes inside split open and Murphy lacked the patience to re roll the tobacco.


 “Fuck no!  Ya still owe me an entire pack you ass, you know the one you crushed with that clumsy foot of yours!” Connor cringed at how angry Murphy still was even though the death of the package totally happened to be an accident. Before he could get another word in edgewise Murphy launched himself at Connor, pushing his brother into the door just as Amy opened it.


Neither boy paid attention to the short girl, even though Connor had gazed upon her through the window. While the boys continued pushing and shoving each other, Amy managed to become wedged between their bodies, her face pressing against Connor's chest. By now the boys were cursing each other in multiple languages, their fists holding onto the lapels of their coats. Amy squeaked from the boy sandwich for help.


“Uh....Mel...a bit of help here?”

The End

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