Angels in The Bookshop: The WaiterMature

Their waiter stepped forward, shakily pulling a pen and a pad of paper from the apron slung across his hips. Standing about six feet tall, their waiter might come off as more threatening, had he not given off the impression of a scared bunny rabbit. At this observation the girls could not help but to exchange a shared glance and smirk softly. Looking up at his name tag, Amy smiled politely at the waiter.


“Hello, we are ready to order.” Their waiter smiled weakly and shifted his weight, looking down at his feet before taking a steading breath. As he breathed in his mass of hair quivered. Greasy and unkempt in appearance, their waiter began to make Melissa rethink this restaurant as a good choice for dinner. They could not leave now though, they were about to order. Melissa's eye's fell upon his name tag, Rocco...interesting name.


A little about our dear friend Rocco, you see he worked very hard to appease the men in the Yakovetta family, but he needed cash quickly. So in order to gain a bit of playing money, he answered an ad in the paper. Tonight began his career at the restaurant, and every agonizing moment of training left him ill-equipped to deal with costumers. One might say he suffered from performance anxiety. Clearing his throat, he spared a glance at Melissa and Amy, his jaw going slack before he continued.


“ my name's Rocco, and I' your server tonight.” Melissa looked bored and twiddled her thumbs looking expectantly up at Rocco to continue the routine. She knew almost exactly what she wished to order and smiled politely at him. Finally Amy gestured for him to continue and after jumping like her thought she would hit him, Rocco spoke again.


“Oh right, right!” He cleared his voice again, making Amy and Melissa force themselves to not twitch. “What would you lovely ladies like to order?” Amy spoke first, her voice only loud as necessary for Rocco to hear. However, their waiter possessed poor hearing. He leaned practically all the way over the table to take her order, scribbling furiously away on his pad.


“Well, I'd like the Shepard's Pie with a mug of Root Beer please.” Amy smiled and closed her menu, handing it up to Rocco. Rocco proceeded to fumble with the flexible menu, giving Melissa the fear he would fall into her lap after losing balance. She gulped, looking over at Amy with wide eyes. As he straightened up a bit and looked to her Melissa put on a calm face and looked at her menu.


“I'd like the Chicken Marcella with a cup of Peppermint Tea please, Rocco dear.” She sent him a charming smile and handed him the menu. Rocco blinked a few times at the menu before taking it from Melissa. He gulped softly and stared out the window as he caught sight of his good friends the Mc Mannus brothers enter a pub across the street. If they knew he took a job as a waiter, he'd never hear the end of it.  With a nod he excused himself from their company, rushing back to the kitchen to place the girl’s orders. As the kitchen door swung closed Melissa broke out into a peal of laughter.


“My god...did you get a load of him?” Melissa gasped out softly and continued laughing, her eyes gleaming with mirth as she and Amy chuckled.


“Oh I did! The poor fellow looked so nervous!” Amy giggled softly, covering her smile with her hand. She grinned and leaned in towards Melissa, lowering her voice so only she could hear. “You don't think they gave us to the new guy do you?” Melissa's eyes widened considerably as she looked to the kitchen where Rocco was exiting with their glasses. His gait seemed off, as he worried over not spilling their drinks on the way to the girls.


“Oooh, I believe you are correct Amy. The poor boy, perhaps we should take pity on him?” Amy agreed and when Rocco arrived at the table and handed the girls their drinks they thanked him adequately. Smiles took residence on their faces as he floundered about for the right words to say next, a light seemingly going off in his brain as the words came to Rocco.


“W-Will you lovely ladies be, uh, needing anything else?” They smiled over the rims of their glasses and shook their heads no. “Alright then...I'll be...uh back with your food in a few uh minutes...yeah.” Rocco waved goodbye to Amy and Melissa, the two girls smiling to each other as he left.


“Aww, don't we have a cute waiter Amy?” Amy screwed up her face giving Melissa an odd look, which made Melissa grin. “In a puppy kind of way, no way I'd date him. Did you not see the hair? Brr....” Melissa shivered in disgust at the idea of Rocco's hair as Amy laughed softly. Soon Rocco returned with the girl’s food, leaving abruptly for the kitchen again after staring out the window. He literally ran into the kitchen, the door slamming behind him. Amy turned to Melissa and blinked slowly.


“Wonder what spooked him?” Melissa shrugged and looked out the window. Her eyes fell upon the sight of two men, dressed in black coats who were in the process of exiting the Irish pub across the street. Due to the dim light of the street in contrast to the bright light of the restaurant Melissa's eyes couldn't make out any features.


“Don't quite know Amy, all I see are two men exiting the Pub.” With that the girls began eating, chatting happily over their food. They ate relatively quickly, their hungers having risen as they traveled around Boston looking for a place to set up shop. The girls planned to enter the business of antique dealing, antique books to be exact. After finding a fixer- upper Amy and Melissa traveled to this little diner to celebrate their good fortune.

The End

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