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The world has changed since the rifts opened. Rifts that seemed to cross space and time. People have changed, governments vie for information and power. Millitary powers occupy. Strange sightings are reported memories are erased, people go missing, research into the rifts is dangerous those who cross it either go missing or return insane. Rumours that some people have recieved gifts from the rifts. But nothing can be said for sure as fear and doubt spread as the earth is consumed by the rifts.

It seemed like a hundred years ago when the rifts appeared. When everything changed. When humanity got to see itself for the first time. Humans are nothing but cowardly irrational fools. Sure there were some brave honest ones but those were the few, the few that might be strong enough to survive the maelstrom to come. All of us could feel it something inside of the rifts slowly waking up calling us forward. Calling an end to all things. By we I mean the gifted ones such as myself. By gifted I mean changed by the rifts, we were blessed or maybe even cursed with abilities. We are in tune with the rift every moment in the back of my mind I could feel it, hear it as if reality was being slashed bloodied dagger. It was a dull thumping every going off in my mind. With that gave me a sturdier, healthier body, I could summon elegant and exotic weapons with just a thought, I could fly, and for brief moments of time I could double my strength and gain extreme virtue physic powers. Not all gifts are the same there is plethora of different abilities unique to any of the gifted, some shared some gifts to. It didn't take long for governments, military, and other organizations covet our power, and hide us from the general public. Giving us classifications. There were 4 classifications, Angels, humans, demons, and Nephillim.  Humans stood on the weakest of classifications they were gifted but they had one or two powers and they couldn't use gifts for much more than ten minutes. Angels and demons were on the same level of classification it just more related to how your gifts worked and how you it affected your personality, for example my powers, and personality classified me as angel most due to flying but also because I tended to throw my own safety aside for the good of others.  Nephillim were on a different level and are far more powerful than the other classifications, they are rare and to be honest I know little about them other than fear would be an rational reaction to an encounter with one.

Even though it had felt like a hundred years since the rifts it open a more honest time frame would be six years give or take a few months. It had been five years when I was founded out and saved my from lonely damnation. I thought I was the only one, no one trusted me and I was feared by everyone including my loving family. So I am thankful to Event Horizon the name of the organization that took me in.  Although I was weary for they never stated their motives they just taught me how to use my powers then sent me out into conflicts between other organizations or military interest for rift artifacts or information. In the last few months I have woken up to my ignorance of this organization and this is the night that everything will change I will no longer be the pawn that I am. I will have my own independence and hopefully my comrades will follow suit.  

I opened the door quietly letting myself into the room without making even the slightest of noises. The room was mostly dark except for the flickering LED's  of computers and server equipment I had little time, it wouldn't take long for them to find out what I was up to. It was a guessing game I wasn't sure what I was looking for or where it would be. I just knew that this room held the servers for event for horizon and if I accessed the right terminal I would find out what exactly was event horizons purpose. But what one was it?  I tried the first terminal I could but it was already too late as the alarms started going off. A red light filled the room. My best chance of finding out why people like myself were being used slipped between my fingers. I had to go. I burst through the door into the hallway already three masked soldiers were waiting for me with their assault rifles. Wings sprung around me curtaining me from the hail of bullets.  They stopped that form of attack as I heard them take cover. I retracted my wings and charged at them summoning a silver sword That cleaved one of them as I went past. They opened fire but I was already out of range.  I was looking for a window. I could hear more soldiers appear it wouldn't be long before I would be engaged by my own kind. There to my right! I pushed through the window and began I freefall before unfolding my wings. Bullets whizzed around me till I was out of range, I wasn't safe though as A shrieking noise from behind managed to knock me out of flight sending me onto the rooftop of a building. I lay on the ground in pain as figure wearing a white mask with streaks of black and orange landed beside me. His right hand was glowing blue , and I didn't to find out what was going to happen if I got hit with that. Mustering all of my will together to roll out of the way and stand up.

"Didn't expect this one Shard, You were a fine agent."  A voice behind the mask said his right was still glowing.

"I couldn't continue following orders blindly. What if Event Horizon is doing the wrong thing what if their intentions are endangering people's lives? I don't see a need for them to be so secretive. Don't you have a problem with that, you don't if what your doing is for the greater good." I replied.

"It matters little to me.  I do not have a place in this human world and neither do you."He responded, before opening hand that caused a flash of burning energy to course through me. I was sent over the edge of the skyscraper but I managed catch myself on the edge and regain my ground. An intense pain resonated from my abdomen and I could hear my own blood dripping onto the ground.  It wouldn't be long before I would be passed out on the ground. I summoned twin blades and charged at my opponent. His hands started to glow again.  I sidestepped the first blast and jumped above the second before striking downwards at him. He blocked with his bare arm. I backed off summoning twin daggers that were strung together and threw them at him  he blocked but now he was tied up. Before he could retaliate I pulled him forwards summoning a large axe that burst into flames, and chopped downwards crushing his arm off while igniting the rest of his body on fire. He screamed in pain but managed to off another beam of energy which sheared the ground that I stood on. I managed to fly away from the scene but as my blood loss continued I grew disoriented and ended landing in a nearby park before losing consciousness.

The End

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