Angels Do Exist

Hayley Morrison (18) is sure that Angels exist. She's known it for about three days now, after someone tried to mug her on her way back to home. Granted, Hayley can't remember much of what happened. What she does remember was panic when the guy in black with a knife grabbed at her purse, then a sudden gust of wind as well as a strong hand pulling her attacker's hand from her purse, a strange bird-screech like sound when the mugger swung the hand with the knife, and shock at the sight of seeing the giant silver wings that seamlessly grew out of the young man's back. He'd halfway looked back at Hayley, his shaggy blond hair hiding her face while the would-be mugger ran away and she had vaugley recognized him. Though, Hayley had no clue how. Next thing she'd known, the Angel had taken off and left her thouroughly confused.... Why did she recognize him? Is she just going nuts? Hayley likes Jethro a lot, but she doesn't know that he likes her like that (they've been best friends for years) and so doesn't act upon it. She has brown reddish hair, fair skin, and blue eyes.
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Samuel Lysander (18) goes to high-school with Hayley and is one of the only people she feels comfortable enough around to mention what she saw with, as everyone in their small town knows that Sam and his only surviving parent, his father Mark, believe strongly in Angels. No one but Jethro knows exactly why they believe so strongly in the celestial guardians, but they want to keep it that way. He has a crush on Jessica, but Sam doesn't want to lose Jethro as a friend because of it so doesn't act on it usually.
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Jethro Tyler (18) is an old friend of Sam's and the only one besides Sam who knows exactly why Hayley recognizes the Angel. He's good at keeping secrets and might as well be Sam's brother they've known each other for so long. Whenever Mark, Sam's father, is in Africa for charity work (which happens quite often) Sam usually stays with the Tylers very happily. The young man has disturbing dreams that tend to have some information about what might happen in the near future, and is rather silly though underneath can be quite solemn. He has a bit of a crush on Hayley...not that he'll admit it....
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Jessica Tyler (18) is the typical girl next door. Light hearted and fun-loving, she is one of those girls that every guy loves to hang out with and no one ever really picks on because no one who would rub her wrong knows her well enough to bother her. She agrees to help Hayley figure out exactly what she saw, despite her twin insisting its a bad idea. Jessica tends to be able to guess what people are about to say and is pretty good at manipulating most people (not her brother and Sam though) but doesn't think much of it. She really wants to ask Sam out to the upcoming girls' choice dance at school, but is afraid it would be weird since he's her brother's best friend.... 
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